A Review of Infinity Mailer Boost

A Review of Infinity Mailer Boost

In this post I will write a review of Infinity Mailer Boost. It is the first BitCoin Mailer.

Admins are trusted and public persons (they are not hiding like most admins) : Clinton Clark & Frank Bauer, Co-Founders of this great crypto traffic program. You can send an email to lots of people – IMB members (without needs to have an email list) and earn up to 80 % affiliate commission in BitCoin and most popular alt coins. (ETH, LTC, BCH)

Keep reading and you will see proofs that Infinity Mailer Boost is cheap advertising solution but at the same time is good quality traffic source and I have regularly signups and affiliate commissions from this traffic source. (I will show you just some of them)

Post updated, May, 1. 2020.

Example how I build downline in LeadsLeap from advertising in Infinity Mailer Boost.

Infinity mailer boost email advertising preview










LeadsLeap signups from Infinity Mailer Boost advertising
LeadsLeap downline list













If you have a website or blog you can expect real visitors from advertising here. On the next screenshot you can see the proof how much this advertising network is better in compare with similar advertising solutions.

Infinity mailer boost real visitors
Avg session duration by Infinity Mailer Boost













Post updated, May, 27. 2019.

Another example that advertising on Infinity Mailer Boost make sense.

Vova email campaign

Notice: I will continue receiving clicks in next few days. Usually few hundreds unique clicks per campaign.

Post updated, April, 5. 2019.

Traffic from this mailer is better than all other non-organic traffic sources that I use. You can see on next screenshot from Google Analytics app about referral traffic statistics. (traffic to my blog)

Infinity Mailer Boost quality traffic statistic
Infinity Mailer Boost quality traffic source


Post updated, March, 26. 2019.

Full video tutorial: sending email to 6000 people every single day, PIF referrals, affiliate structure – video is HERE.

Prime Solo Ads signups proof
Prime Solo Ads signups from Infinity Mailer Boost examples


Advertising examples, update January, 13. 2019.

I have bought TPO3 package for BTC 0.002 (~$8) and received 4571 advertising credits. 1 email to 3000 members cost me 600 credits. You can also spend credits for banner and text ads advertising ( PPC – Pay Per Click ).

I have received many signups and affiliate commissions in different programs, here are two examples – signups + referral purchases. (WeeklyICO and WePayCommissions)

advertising results
WeeklyICO signups proof
Referral purchase from advertising on infinity mailer boost network
WeeklyICO referral purchase proof
WePayCommissions signup proof
WePayCommissions signups proof
WePayCommissions affiliate commission proof
WePayCommissions referral purchase proof
WePayCommissions cashout proof via Jaxx Liberty wallet
WePayCommissions cashout to Jaxx Liberty wallet
WeeklyICO cashout proof via Jaxx Liberty wallet
WeeklyICO cashout to Jaxx Liberty wallet

You can join here.

Notice: Results are not typical and this is not promise that you will have the same results but from my own experience most likely that you will have the same or better results in compare with other non-organic traffic solutions. If you are interested how to get organic traffic from Google I recommend to read Affiliate marketing section on this blog and posts about blogging.

First step is to buy advertising package (TPO) and then you will be able to send email. On next screenshot you can see section where you need to click. Blue marked – to buy TPO, red marked – to send an email.

Email advertising
How to send an email?

You can save an email and next time load from saved templates. Also you can preview your email before sending, track visitors, upload clickable or non-clickable image.

Infinity Mailer Boost email preview
Infinity Mailer Boost: Email preview, load template, upload clickable image, track visitors

After you send an email you will see next notification:

Email sending successful
Email sending successful notification

You can join here.

This is a great opportunity for quality advertising via emails (you dont need to have an email list) and at the same time this program have great affiliate program. (details on the image below)

Why Infinity Mailer Boost is better than other mailers?

  • There are no annoying emails from other IMB members (usually only a few emails per day)  in your email inbox
  • Comment feature for emails on the “Read Messages” section (on the website)
  • Your name in field “From” when IMB members receive your email (in other mailers company name will shows)
  • You can send an email every single day (without needs to have some expensive membership)
  • Viral Hosts as provider – emailing and hosting features (one time $7 fee for lifetime basic hosting package)
  • No monthly fees
  • Instant pay affiliate commissions direct to your crypto wallet
  • You can opt-out whenever you want


Infinity Traffic Boost affiliate program details including pass up sale
Infinity Mailer Boost Affiliate structure

Infinity mailer boost review


Full story

You came online to earn a part-time or full-time income, right, and I would be willing to bet that you also, hoped, in the back of your mind, that you could have FUN while earning, too.

C’mon, be serious, I’m sure you thought about that a bit, right? At least you didn’t plan on your online business being daily drudgery that was almost as bad as a J.O.B. and, worse yet, didn’t pay you a regular salary.

I was in the same boat, felt the same emotions, fears, and frustrations until I found an advertising and income HOME.

Yep, a trusted community where I could EARN (for referrals and performing simple tasks) that also gave me built-in advertising for my main program.

It was manna from heaven, let me tell you!

And what I found, that was truly fascinating, was that every time I uncovered a new and rewarding feature, I realized it was designed to create more money and better advertising results for members.

I was truly blown away, I think you’ll agree, too, as we dive into some details about this new service.

First and foremost, it is providing me a way that I can EARN EVERY DAY by performing simple tasks. Yes, I have a primary business to build but I also need to earn consistent money while building my main business and I’m sure you are in the same boat and so is your team.

But, what’s great, is that I can earn Free Advertising AND Cold Hard Cash Every Day by performing simple tasks just a few minutes a day.

I’m sure that you have heard of List Mailers which are a VERY Popular way for experienced marketers and “newbies” alike to gain exposure for their program at a very low (or even free) cost.

Well, I can tell you that I have found a First of It’s Kind List Mailers, just recently launched by Frank Bauer and Clinton Clark that is truly a Revolutionary LEAP Forward in Advertising and Income.

Infinity Mailer Boost (“IMB”) allows you to earn traffic credits AND revenue share cash DAILY merely by spending a few minutes reading and clicking messages.

What’s so cool, too, is that IMB is the world’s first Truly Legal and Sustainable Revenue Share List Mailer that allows you to purchase points from as low as $2.04 to as high as $1,966.21. Yep! There is something for everyone and EVERYONE can benefit from both the little and the big purchases.

I want to talk to you about the sustainable revenue share in a minute, but I first want to explain what blew me away with the compensation plan – an idea that has been a long time in coming in this industry – pay every member for every sale they make regardless of their membership level!

Think about it, if members on a low budget can earn big commissions, they will probably put a bit more effort into marketing, right?

And, if the Big Players, well-financed marketers, can earn even BIGGER Commissions, they’ll be quite happy to market, too, right (I mean, c’mon, a $1,367.80 commission – with potential leverage – HAS to be appealing, right?)

That’s what I found at Infinity Mailer Boost – ALL Members earn a MINIMUM of 30% commission on all sales they generate or get passed to them (ooooh, ANOTHER Hidden benefit!) and as much as 80%. That’s real money!

And why is this important to you, why should you care about OTHER People making money?

Well, it’s very simple, it’s because the more people who are promoting IMB the more “eyeballs” will be seeing YOUR ads and providing YOU with more value and more exposure for your main program.

But, wait, it gets better, too (See, I told you that as I “peeled the onion” here at IMB the better and better it got!).

Every time there is an advertising purchase made in Infinity Mailer Boost 10% of the purchase price is allocated to the Readers Rewards Pool. These Readers Rewards are released to the qualifying participants in a consistent fashion creating reliable and income potential for participants. PLUS, that 10% is enhanced by even MORE admin contributions when a sale is made by a member who earns 30% instead of the max 80%.

So, you can see, that by merely surfing a few sites a day IMB members can earn consistent cash that could grow to be very sustainable and reliable and is further enhanced by purchasing additional advertising.

As members purchase larger and larger advertising packages they get more advertising credits to advertise their main program and they are able to EARN more from Referrals and READ & CLICK More to earn more in the Readers Rewards Pool! (See what I told you… Everything they do at IMB is designed to generate more money and more (better) traffic for members!)

Should we dig a bit deeper into the compensation plan, peel that onion just a bit more?


Two things that I want to wrap up with here (1) Leverage and (2) Residual Income.

First, the leverage… IMB has created an INCREDIBLE compensation plan that rewards you for your referral efforts so you want to tell your friends about IMB right away. You’ll earn 30% – 80% of their purchase of any package level equal to or one price point higher than what you have purchased as long as you have met the minimal readling & clicking requirements.

But, here’s where the Leverage kicks in (stay with me, it gets good here!)… The second sale you make at each of the purchase price points is paid UP to your sponsor or qualifying sponsor. Watch — That means that YOU’LL be receiving the second sale from each of your direct referrals to infinity width and in some cases that can go to infinity depth!

NOTE: Another FASCINATING feature with IMB is that, while there are 11 price points, you do NOT have to purchase each package in ascending order. Nope… rather, when you purchase advertising credits at a particular price point you’ll be able to earn boosted (80%) commissions one level HIGHER (as noted above) plus ALL the lower levels. Plus you earn 30% commissions on all remaining packages.

Wow, that is a HUGE incentive to purchase up a few levels, don’t you think? Having the ability to earn boosted commissions on multiple levels by purchasing only on one? Wow! (Of course, always stay within your budget, but invest in and believe in yourself. IMB is here to help you earn, build and succeed!)

Now, the final piece to this fantastic puzzle (or should we say this dwindling onion as we peel it? LOL) and that final piece is RESIDUAL Income!

Check this out… When you purchase an advertising credits package in Infinity Mailer Boost you are immediately “Purchase Boost Activated” for 30 days to 2 years. This means you are now positioned to earn up to 80% commissions on that level, one level above and all purchase levels below for 30 days to 2 years. To continue to earn at that purchase level after 30 days to 2 years, you’ll need to purchase another advertising credits package.

What IMB has created is an incredible opportunity to earn RECURRING Income without the fear and hassle of setting up a subscription payment. If you are earning from your efforts (reading & clicking OR referrals) you’ll surely want to keep referral and, here’s the good part, so will YOUR Referrals and “Up” sales!

How cool is that?

So, I hope you can now see why I am so very excited about Infinity Mailer Boost. I know that IMB has already made me a nice consistent income and provided me with excellent exposure for my main program.

The Community at Infinity Mailer Boost is intelligent, active and engaged which is exactly the type of audience you want to view your ads, right?

I would encourage you to check out IMB now, join free and have a look around. Yes, as noted above you CAN earn as a free member and you CAN earn without referrals.

But WOW, Can you earn and benefit a LOT more as a paid member – Check it out today and feel free to post here any questions or comments that you may have!

Oh, and if you are wondering, you can purchase into IMB with Payeer, Earnings, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin or other Altcoin, Commissions on sales with Earnings, in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin or other Altcoin are paid INSTANTLY Via Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, or Litecoin, and Surfing Rewards are paid out on demand, also via Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, or Litecoin.

How cool is THAT?

You can get all detailed information about the program from the Infinity Mailer Boost site at https://infinitymailerboost.com. So if you want to get more traffic and see your earnings grow, try Infinity Mailer Boost. You have nothing to lose with it.

You can join here or via banner bellow.

I hope that this information is useful for you. If you have any doubts or questions feel free to ask via comments.


  1. This sounds really intriguing. I have never worked with a bitcoin-based affiliate marketing product. It is cool that it comes with advertising and a way to earn revenue. I have tried similar none Bitcoin type mailers and the results have been hit or miss but none of them paid out revenue and especially not in crypto currency. I will check it out.

  2. Yeah, both programs are quite trusted and been online & paying for quite some time.
    Combination of advertising and surf-based revenue earning should be interesting enough for everyone!

  3. Wow, Infinity Mailer looks really promising! I like how you can format all of your messages and use with any size list.

    I have been looking for alternatives to other big companies that I’ve used before, and this one looks like it would work for me!

    Thanks for the review, this is very helpful!

    Jacob Highley
  4. I am always quite skeptical of companies online, nowadays it is so hard to trust anyone. Nevertheless, that was a quite insightful review, I did not know you could relate Bitcoin and Affiliate Marketing. I had heard of the two but obviously in a separate platform as separate entities. Thank you very much for your review. I will make sure to check it out it sounds truly very interesting. thank you

  5. This is definitely an intriguing review…if a little confusing to the newbie here who isn’t quite yet familiar with all the terms you’re using. Your enthusiasm tells me I need to check this out and start clarifying those parts that are “confusing” me at the moment, though, because this sounds like an incredible opportunity to create a lot of positive forward momentum for one’s online business. Thank you for your insights.

  6. Hello Boris, thanks for your review on Infinity Mailer Boost. I must say that I have an undying interest in cryptocurrency and as such love everything that has to do with coin, both the affiliate program.  It is interesting to know that Infinity Mailer Boost is the first Bitcoin mailer and that one can actually earn upto 80% affiliate commission in Bitcoin. I will quickly join the program.

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to partake in the program. It sure looks promising.

  7. The infinity mailer boost seems to be legit since they said that payment is made to your bitcoin account automatically. That’s nice but they didn’t tell us how much they pay for someone to be performing the task of reading and clicking to earn real cash.

    It seems they are a little similar to Wealthy Affiliates Program because if their reading and clicking package.

    1. Focus is on advertising via emails and great affiliate program. You can earn something for reading emails but it is not some big money and depends from day to day – about BitCoin price and sells on website. Good thing is that you can earn shares also from your referrals if they are reading emails – duplication in online business is very important.

      1. Very nice review! This is a great solution for people who dont have an email list. It is very effective advertising as seen on screenshots and very cheap with also very good affiliate program. I will try it.

        Anka Barnak
  8. Great post and good info.

    Im always a bit wary about these programs, since they offer you a lot of in the end your return is almost zero. 

    But reading your review, I will give it a try and see how it goes. 

    One question, how realistic can I put my goal in this program? 

    Emmanuel Buysse
    1. Thank you Emmanuel for comment and question. As you can see on my blog I have not joined in many programs as many marketers. I carefully choose only promising and legit programs. This is very good program with many features and at the end it is not expensive. Huge 80 % affiliate commission and cheap advertising should be enough to make a try.

  9. Interesting I must say the first BitCoin Mailer,this is my first time of hearing a mailer that collect bitcoin as a means of payment, am really impressed and also the fact that the owners of Infinity Mailer Boost are not hiding show a high degree of transparency.because those are the little, little things I look out for. And I must commend for taking your time to explain how it works

  10. Online business is one of the best things that has ever happened to me and throughout my journey in the online business, I have seen a lot of platforms that promises a lot and at the end, turns out to be trash. After reading your article about infinity mailer boost, I came to this conclusion that it is real and not legit because of your personal experience with it. So i think i will be part of this.

    Linus Udochukwu Marvellous
  11. I absolutely love this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me.combining this review with my affiliate marketing and it could be of great advantage to my income. Though am always afraid of online business because of scams all around. But I will give it a trial .thanks for the review. 

  12. Wonderful article,  this is  going to be very effective for people without a standard email collection means . The affiliate program look promising and quite cheap compare to some other affiliate programs online. This is worthy of a trial even when am already running other affiliates marketing programs. Thanks for this opinion boost.

  13. The infinity mailer boost product sounds like it has worked out well for you. I had to read through this a couple of times to really understand what it was all about. The founders of the product are not hiding behind a fake name and testimonials, good signs for me.

    Am I understanding that the product you are paying to promote is the program itself which includes an autoresponder service to email to other members? For yet more money you get more emails you can send or banners etc. The way to grow the list is to get new people to sign up for the program, and they have to buy email credits, and you get a commission on what they buy depending on how much money you spent for your package?

    This all sounds good but I would worry that there is a limited market and at the end, the people coming late will not make any money. This sounds like an MLM type of company. Although what might change this is if I could promote my own products.

    Then you would have a chance to make money off the sales you make plus the commission from others who maybe join the program.to also be able to market their products to others. If I am not understanding something correctly please do let me know. I will come back to read what you tell me because this also sounds similar to a SOLO ad type situation which I have tried before with success. Thanks!

    Dave Sweney
    1. Thank you Dave for this very constructive comment. First I want to make clear about is this some MLM system and answer is : NO! In first plan is affiliate program. That means when your referral make referral and sale you will  not get commission from sale. There is just one except: For second sale from your referral – that commission and referral goes to you, but all other referrals and sales goes to your referral. And always commission go to just one member – upline, there is no multiple commissions like in MLM system. In Infinity Mailer Boost ( IMB shortly ) you dont need to recruit people to make money. You can also read other members messages and get shares in crypto. Advertising is very cheap and effective: I have tried to advertise different programs and in every program  I have received signups and sales. Traffic programs in general have very long duration and this one is long term. Yes it is similar to solo ads and even much better because you can buy credits (TPO) packages and you can spent credits when you want. I have presented examples with TPO3 package (cost only ~$8 in crypto) which you can use for sending emails to 3000 IMB members 7 times. Aslo I have shared link to my youtube video with example what you can do with TPO5 package ( send to 6000). Good thing is that packages last more than 30 days and that means there is no monthly fees. For example TPO5 have duration 70 days and you can get commission up to TPO6 (up to one higher). There is also PIF option (you can buy referrals without sponsor), buy/sell ad credits at online auctions, monthly referral contest, send ad credits to your referrals. Cashouts are instant and automatic secured with PIN sent to your registered email. Really very good program.


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