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How to start with affiliate marketing?


First of all, you need to find your niche. How to find it?

I recommend that your niche should be something you like, have experience, hobby, occupation.

Can be also something different but then you will need more time and more work to be able to write good article.

Next step is to build your website or blog where you will write articles. These articles needs to have good content, regularly updated, SEO optimized ( good position in search engines ), connected with social networks, if is possible insert some own video, photos.

Before you even start you need something before all these things: you need space where you will place your article.

That means web hosting and domain. I strongly recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

Why? Because you will have all on one place no matter if you are just a beginner or already have some  experience.

The best part is: you can start without any startup fees.


Wealthy Affiliate will give you:

  • Space ( subdomains / domains + hosting )
  • Tools ( SEO optimization tools, plugins, writing platform, easy website/blog builder etc. )
  • Affiliate bootcamp – learning lessons including videos
  • Real-time online help
  • Community + support
  • Several additional ways to earn extra income using Wealthy Affiliate


Some of these features are limited for free members but it is enough to get started and to see some results.

The most important tool is keywords researcher Jaaxy. With this tool you will find phrases with low competition. (integrated in Wealthy Affiliate)

Be aware that keywords in content are not relevant anymore but these keywords (phrases) we will put into post or page title – they are very relevant today.

That is very important: it is not the same if some phrases are indexed by google for 7, 50 or 300 websites or blogs (shortly sites). Task is to avoid phrases which are indexed for a large number of sites.

Sometimes there is a big competition and it is hard to find keywords with small number competition sites. Jaaxy will give some recommends and help us to find the best keywords. In some case is success if we find 100 competition sites, and in other case that number is bad solution – we can find smaller number competition sites, even less than 10.

If already not you should watch my video above with some examples.


Below are 2 screenshots with some keywords search results:

Jaaxy keywords research tool example with search results for good and bad keywords
Keywords search results


Number of competition sites is most important but also is important how many times phrases has been searched (monthly).

When you start with new website or blog recommended is to use phrases which have less than 30 competition sites.

There is also some other cool things what you can do with siterubix builder on Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Social networks plugins
  • Contact forms
  • Real time chat box ( you can install cool wordpress plugins )
  • SEO easy settings tool
  • SitePlus+ ( SiteSpeed, SiteProtect – Spam Blocker, SiteSSL – HTTPS )
  • Site Feedback
  • Protect from hackers (server protect)
  • Lots of available themes
  • Widgets


Wealthy Affiliate team will give you all information that you need to run affiliate marketing successfully.

One keywords example for high google rank which I am using in one my blog post:

Blog post SEO
Keywords for high Google rank

Why is Jaaxy so good?

With very small difference between keywords I have only 5 websites in competition instead 200+ websites!

You will learn:

  • How to build website or blog?
  • How to submit your website or blog to search engines?
  • How to setup Google Analytics for your website or blog?
  • How to choose right phrases and get high Google position?
  • How to get real and targeted visitors?
  • How to write article with good content?
  • How to be successful in affiliate marketing?


No matter what you promote results will come. On next screenshots you can see just one small part of my referral list in one program (CryptoSurf) with proof that I receive signups from organic (Google) traffic. You dont need to pay expensive advertising to be successful. All traffic methods that I use are described on this blog.

Signups list from good quality traffic sources
CryptoSurf Signups list
Cryptosurf Signups list 2020.





Top search results blog post review
Blog post review top position in Google search results














This is just one example that one of my reviews is on page 1 as top search result in search engines. On this way is not hard to build your downline in any program. You can also see my other reviews on first page in Google (such as Hashing Ad Space review for example)

To be successful in affiliate marketing you need to choose keywords (SEO title and tags) with small competition what is a very hard without tools such as Jaaxy, but also you need to have nice looking website / blog with good content, fast web hosting, social interactions and most important – you will need advice and support from people who are already involved in this business – Wealthy Affiliate community. Here you can find and get in touch with many successful business people.

Step by step instructions will help to bring real targeted visitors to your website / blog and affiliate links inside articles and that means more affiliate commissions for you from companies such as Amazon, Ebay, Clickbank etc.

I hope that this information is enough for you, for start.

If you have any questions, doubts or suggestions feel free to place a comment.

If you choose to join in Wealthy Affiliate, you can do it here and I will contact you inside the platform soon as possible.

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