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COINUT – nice looking and very simple crypto trade platform with several bonuses.

( operating since 2014. )

Co-Founders: Xinxi Wang and Tao Huang.

The most secure cryptocurrency exchange platform with encrypted offline storage and

semi-manually transaction processing.

Headquartered in Toronto and Singapore.


Update, May, 18. (2019.)

Coinut 2019 trade example
My trade example


Update March, 31. (2018.)

Now you can trade on your mobile phone…


Coinut official app in app store
Coinut app in App Store


Cryptocurrencies ready for trade update:



Update – December, 18.  (2017.)

 My  trade example:


Bonus 1: Signup bonus 0.011 LTC – ready for trade (you can start before any deposit),

Bonus 2 – Referral bonuses: Bonus 0.003 LTC per referral free signup,

Bonus 3: 30% of all referral trading commissions in next 2 years.

If seems interesting for you, join link is: here.

Important: if you dont join via referral link – there is no bonus.

New clients need to follow Coinut’s twitter account.

Before any deposit I recommend to enable two-factor authentication on settings section.

Withdrawals are additional secured by sending email from COINUT to your inbox with confirmation link.

Important notice: if you have trade volume less than $1000 monthly in crypto verification is not required!

For crypto exchange you can also check my post about exchange between many cryptocurrencies using Jaxx mobile multi crypto wallet or post about most secure multi crypto online wallet – CoinPayments.


How to trade?


There is 2 trade types:

Market is a simple method – you choose to sell or buy – instant trade.

Limit – here you will predict price in the future and when cryptocurrency reach

that price – will be sold or bought.

This is interesting method if you dont have access to your computer or

internet connection all time.

It is also interesting method when prices often go up and down.


Market VS Limit in examples:


Market is a very simple method.

Coinut market trade option
Market trade option

You need to choose cryptocurrency – LTC in this example.

There is 2 options in LTC field: USDT and BTC.

If you choose and click on USDT that means there will be options to buy LTC with USD or sell LTC for USD. If you want BTC as option to sell or buy LTC you need to choose BTC in LTC field.

Next step is to click on field “Convert LTC to USDT” if you want to sell LTC for USD.

If you want to buy LTC with USD then you need to click on other field (“Convert USDT to LTC”).

Now you need to choose how many LTC want to be sold (type in) or you can click on link “max sell” and all your LTC will be entered in field.

On the end you need to click on “Convert (Sell)” button.

Your LTC will be sold for price at this moment in market.


Limit is different method because you can choose for which price you want to sell or buy cryptocurrency.

There is 1 additional field for that.

All steps are the same except Limit-Market difference buttons and you need to enter value in additional field.

Coinut limit trade option
Limit trade option

Additional field is “LTC Price”.

You need to enter price and when will be that price in market your LTC will be sold automatically.


Example ( Limit )

I have bought 1 Bitcoin for $6500. It is not matter if price will go down.

I predicted that I want to sell BTC when price will be $7200.

It is possible that price will go first down to $5700 and then will go up to $7200 at the moment and then again down to $6400.

Moment when price reach $7200 was at 3:00 AM while I was sleeping.

BTC was sold while I was sleeping and I have made money => $700 pure profit!


There is also great support on COINUT, you can ask for answers via chat box or on forum.

If you have any questions, doubts or suggestions feel free to place a comment.


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