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  1. I have never heard about cryptosurf before but it is something that I am very interested in now. I can see how this would benefit me and it does not seem either very hard or expensive. I did bookmark your website because I will come back to it when I am ready to try this. Do you  know if this is available for all countries?

  2. This looks interesting and something I would like more information on. As someone who is looking to bring traffic to my website, this could be a great way for someone to do that. The membership fee doesn’t seem too steep, unlike some of the other websites that I have seen out there and the commission percentage is great! Thank you also for posting your own personal screenshots showing that it is working for you. 

    Thanks for making me aware of this as now I am interested in doing some more research. 

  3. Thank you for the review on Cryptosurf net. I am wondering about the type of traffic you are getting. To your web site is it targeted traffic. Or is it just other people doing the same thing as you and are just surfing to get coins to get traffic for their website?.  Thank you for the review.

    Geoffrey wurz
    1. Thank you for your comment. Well type of traffic is not high quality but it is cheap – at end it is free because there is cashback + profit. Most of people just surf but if you have your own website or blog with interesting content most likely that someone will take a look deeply on it. I have good success with these type of traffic but it depends what you promote. 

  4. If you live where HYIP or High Yield Investment Programs are legal you might do well. I live in the United States and neither myself or my friends in the UK can legally join them because they are considered Ponzi Scams here. My best advice is to check your local laws before participating and have a good exit strategy when they hit their point of failure which is when new money can no longer support payments of the old promises. I see little value at cost here and a price that supports a pay plan not product sales. They even call the ad shares a share in the profits.

    Andy Zeus Anderson
    1. Thank you Andy for your comment. CryptoSurf is not HYIP program. It is an advertising cashback program (traffic program). That means there is product. (web traffic) Also percent is too small that we can call it as HYIP. In past I have tried some HYIP programs and returns are much higher in shorter time period. Here you can buy advertising and get cashback. (plus some profit mentioned inside the post) There is no some big promises. Also admin have already several programs and all programs are legit. (ViralTECoop is one of them) I have received signups, subscribers and affiliate commissions in other programs that I promote via CryptoSurf network. You can buy advertising without cashback – solo ads and advertising credits for banner and websites advertising. And at the end there is no obligation to buy anything – it is allowed to be FREE member, collect CS tokens and credits by surfing sites and convert earned credits and tokens into advertising. Also tokens can be converted into ad shares. 

    1. Yes it is good for traffic! You can surf: sites, solo ads, CS admin news. Cashback is good option for advertisers and admin is trusted. Earned credits you can use for advertising. CS tokens also, or convert to ad shares.

  5. Boris, I congratulate you for your evolution in CS! Very good work!
    I’m also member of CryptoSurf and I also am getting very good results. Everytime I advertise there, I get results! It is what every marketer needs!
    So, doing your way 😉

    Manuela Torres

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