In this post I will write about free home jobs online, opportunities to start work from home without any startup fees. There are not many these kind of online job opportunities, many companies wants your money before you even start with work.

I have found 2 legit companies with no startup fees and with great opportunity to increase your income.



Just short update about name change – Clixsense has become ySense. Everything else is the same.

American company, online since 2007.

Here you can make money by doing simple and short tasks ( mini jobs ), offers and surveys.

It is not some quick rich scheme, do not require to recruit people, no any paid membership, without any fees.


How much you can make monthly?

There is no some rules: depends about your free time, for surveys and offers is important your geography location.

To be able to work mini jobs ( tasks ) you need to register CrowdFlower account inside Clixsense. Just go to tasks – complete tasks section and follow instructions.

From April, 3. ( 2018. ) CrowdFlower will have new name – Figure Eight.

For tasks ( mini jobs ) is important to be very careful especially in start and to reach at least level 1 soon as possible.

You will be able to get higher level if you will have small number of mistakes. (at least 70 % right answers, I have above 85 %)

Crowdflower ( Figure Eight ) statistics and accuracy rate
My CrowdFlower ( Figure Eight ) statistics

Notice: For badge level and statistics ( accuracy rate ) some jobs are not counted.

Then you will have available many mini jobs. There is 4 levels: level 0-3.

After some time you will be able to earn about $ 100-200 monthly, but results are not typical and may vary by individual.


clixaddon clixsense
Clixaddon – Clixsense earning status


Clixsense daily earning proof
Daily earning example

You can see that I have finished 22 short tasks and earned $5.18. But there is also bonus ~ $0.83. $5.18+$0.82=$6

For bonus ( 16 % ) is required to do at least 10 tasks or 2 surveys / offers, or combination 1 survey / offer + 5 tasks.

Also required to install clixaddon – chrome extension to get full 16 % bonus, without extension bonus is 14 %.


For doing surveys you need to enter some your personal informations. Also notice that Clixsense is a legit company and you need to enter you real legit name and all required informations. There is no any worry about that, all information will stay private.



How to make cashout?

Minimal cashout is $10 and there is 2 worldwide accepted payment processors: Skrill and Payoneer.

Payoneer – have monthly fees ( $3 ) but there is $25 signup bonus (you will receive when you make your first $100). You can register and grab your bonus on banner below. Payoneer is also accepted on many freelance platforms such as – Freelancer, Upwork.

Clixsense registration you can make here or via banner below.

Notice: recommend in profile to choose option that your email address is visible to your sponsor, and I will contact you soon as possible.

ysense freelance mini jobs platform






What is Wealthy Affiliate?

It is a platform for affiliate marketing ( since 2005. ), already described in more details on this page.

In short affiliate marketing is method where you recommend some product and get paid when someone buy it via your affiliate link. (affiliate commission from company such as Amazon)

You need to setup website or blog, write some good content about products and put your affiliate links somewhere inside content. (posts, pages)


How Wealthy Affiliate will help you?

In Wealthy Affiliate you will have a lot of things which help you to be successful in affiliate marketing:

  • step by step tutorials (affiliate marketing free lessons)
  • hosting + domains
  • community of successful affiliate marketers who are willing to help you
  • many tools (keywords research tool, SEO easy settings tool, website builder etc)


Affiliate marketing free lessons
Free lessons, course 1


It is free to join and start to work.

You can not expect results over night, it is a serious business and needs some time, usually at least few months. Once when you setup website or blog (including some content) money will start coming without needs to work more. However you can continue with work to earn more.

There is 2 memberships: starter and premium. You can start as starter ( free ) and you will get a lot of things to run affiliate business successfully. However later you can go to premium to unlock some additional tools.

This blog I am running via siterubix platform inside Wealthy Affiliate.

If you decide to try it you can join here or via banner below.


I hope that this information is useful for you. Personally I think that combination mini jobs + affiliate marketing are win-win combination for beginners.

If you have any questions or doubts feel free to ask via comments.



  1. Hi there! I enjoyed your thorough breakdown of how the payments work for this site. I have tried similar sites but the surveys and tasks seemed to be too time consuming. About how long would you say it took you to complete the 22 tasks that earned the $6? I’m just curious about the time commitment and success rate. My main issue that I came across on other programs was the surveys and tasks were not being accurately recorded. Thanks for the review! I’m really interested in checking out this program.

    Sean Hines
    1. Hi Sean and thank you for comment. You asked me a really good questions: there is no any worry – I have been paid for every single mini job, without any problems. It is a trusted platform, but I understand your worries because there are lot of scams. About time consuming: it is a long term business – that means in beginning you will spend more time, but later when you will reach higher level you will be able to work better paying mini jobs. For $6 usually I need about 2 hours. For doing surveys much less time: 10-15 minutes for about $1-$3. Members from UK, France, Germany, USA, Canada, Australia will get better paying surveys but also depends about survey profile and preferences. Great thing about surveys is that you can install Clixaddon ( chrome extension ) and you will get notification about new surveys – that means you dont need to be all the time on Clixsense website. In offers you will have some cash back and free offers, mostly about mobile games. It is not some get rich quick scheme but it is stable income. It helps me to pay some online and offline expenses.


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