In this post I will write about Hashing Ad Space review scam or legit questions and answers. Also I will show you my account stats from beginning with regularly post updates in future. I have been waiting few months to see how it works and after I have tested this platform it is time for truly Hashing Ad Space review. Before you continue with reading I want to inform you that I have joined for free, without any fees, with zero investment and already have been paid 2 times – in crypto – worth about $100. This amount I have earned without any referral earning (commission) with only one daily task: watching one 7 seconds ad.

Hashing Ad Space review scam or legit


Hashing Ad Space introduction

All important questions and answers about Hashing Ad Space you can also find on FAQ´s section here. In next few sentences I will  try to explain basic things and how it works. Before that I just want to notice you that admin is a public person: Luke Millard with public physical address presented on Hashing Ad Space website.

Do you need to make an investment to earn?

This is the most important question! This is not an investment scheme and there is no guarantee of earnings. You can purchase products: advertising or more minting power. You can earn cashback for watching ads depends about minting power.

What is minting and how many ads can you mint?

Minting means creation of new tokens. (Asimi) Ad minting limit depends about minting power – how many Asimi stakes member has set up. Every Asimi stake will allow to mint one ad per day in next 365 days (1 year).

What is Asimi?

Asimi is the utility token. More about Asimi you can read here. (Asimi White Paper) You are not able to make purchase in any fiat or crypto currencies other than Asimi. Also earning will be in Asimi. You can buy or sell Asimi on the Waves DEX exchange. More information I will write later in post in How to start section.

What is View to earn (V2E)

This is new feature and way to earn by viewing ads. (has been started on May, 1.2019.) You can find section marked View V2E where you can watch ad and be paid in Asimi instant on your Hashing Ad Space balance. Be aware that this is not the same as is ad minting. V2E not require any Asimi stake(s) to be able to earn. Limit is 50 ads daily for all members and every day 4 randomly members will receive special bonus: 10, 20, 40 or 80 Asimi. If you have viewed 25 ads or more you will get 1 entry and if you have viewed 50 ads you will get 2 entries for daily bonus prize raffle.


How to start?

You can join for free and try special Hashing Ad Space advertising bonus: free 2000 banner impressions. You are able also to earn by watching ads on V2E section. (for free) You can check all features inside Hashing Ad Space, you have nothing to lose because there is no any fees like on many income opportunity platforms. You can join here or via next banner.

Click to visit Hashing Ad Space


You need to enter: username, email and password. Then you need to check email inbox and follow simple steps to join into the best advertising and crypto minting system online. You can create new crypto coins (utility tokens) without needs to spend a lot of money for buying expensive mining hardware components (mining rigs) such as Nvidia 1660TI and similar.

To be able to make cashout(s) and purchase(s) you need to make registration on Waves DEX exchange here. You can use web or desktop app. On next video from my youtube channel you can watch how it looks inside on Hashing Ad Space and Waves DAX exchange including minting ads and cashout proof.


How it works?

This advertising and crypto minting system is a unique. In compare with other systems where admins share profit to members from purchases in cryptocurrencies such as: BitCoin, Ethereum, BitCoin Cash (examples: Infinity Traffic Boost, Infinity Mailer Boost, CryptoSurf) here members every single time when they are watching ad – they are creating new Asimi utility token. Asimi coin later is possible to exchange for other crypto coins via Waves DEX exchange platform.

The most important thing is that Asimi stake have duration 1 year (365 days).

There is also big difference in compare with other systems: there is no cashback guarantee (Return On Investment – ROI), system is not based on referral or affiliate commissions – Hashing Ad Space members are earning without needs to refer new members (I will you show you my example later in post). However there is referral and affiliate program but this is an additional feature and not in focus. In most systems if you are not able to get referrals who will be active – you will not earn or earning will be very slow and not any significant amount. There is no any investments – members are buying advertising and minting power.

Great is also that members will receive free advertising on signup. There is no any obligation to buy anything. There is also free opportunity to earn by watching ads on View To Earn (V2E) section.

Very important is that admin has implemented very high security with PIN and Google authenticator (2FA). It is highly recommended to setup this protection before you start to use your account.


Advertising on Hashing Ad Space

There are 3 types advertising:

  • Ad minter advertising
  • Banner advertising
  • V2E advertising


Ad minter advertising is good quality because most of members have only a few Asimi stakes. On my video above you can see that I have only 2 minting ads per day limit. That means in compare with other similar systems on Hashing Ad Space there are no lots of minting ads and visitors will be more focused on advertising ads. I have received much more signups from my advertising here in compare with all other advertising platforms.

Advertising purchase is available only in Asimi tokens. As already mentioned Asimi you can buy or sell on Waves DEX platform.

Prices are very popular and starts from $20 in Asimi. (depends about Asimi price)

Hashing Ad Space advertising price
Ad Minter advertising prices

Banner advertising have very popular price too. If you need good price and exposure to over 100k members interested especially for crypto related income opportunities Hashing Ad Space seems to be a very good choice.

Hashing ad space banner advertising
Banner advertising prices

V2E advertising is the cheapest in 10 Asimi packages. Something similar on PTC (Paid To Click) sites.

Notice: earned amount in Asimi you can use for advertising.


My progress and account stats

I have joined on December, 23. 2018. Friend of mine which is an expert about crypto related income opportunities recommended me Hashing Ad Space. I was sceptical from beginning but because the same person recommended me other crypto related income opportunities which are presented on this blog and I have big success with them I made decision to give a try.

Results are great: without any investments (here investments does not exist) and without any purchases I have earned significant amount in Asimi just for 7 seconds daily work. One part I sent to my crypto wallet (via Waves DEX exchange platform) and other part I used for purchases in advertising. I have received many signups and significant affiliate commissions from advertising here on Hashing Ad Space.

On next screenshots you can see that more than 98% of my earning comes from my own activity. Many team leaders try to convince new members about earning without referrals but that is not possible on most online income systems. Only leaders with few hundreds referrals who are active will earn. At Hashing Ad Space is not that case.

Hashing Ad Space account stats
Account stats
Hashing Ad Space referral earning
Earning from referrals

You can see that referral earnings are very small part in compare with total Asimi minted. That means this is not another referral scheme program.

I have been paid two times. Withdrawal minimal limit is $50 in Asimi depends about Asimi price at that moment. Cashout proof is presented in youtube video inside this post.

Hashing Ad Space cashout proofs
Withdrawal history

Important notice: in beginning there was special bonus for all members – free one ad minting without needs to make Asimi stake purchase. Also when I made registration I have not received any advertising bonus and View to earn (V2E) feature has been started in May. (much later)

I will publish post updates in future regarding any potential changes. If will be some big changes I will publish new post about Hashing Ad Space.

Minting earning example 

Post update, May, 24. 2019.

Lets make some mathematics. If you want to make purchase – to buy 1 Asimi stake, you need to make purchase of  about 450 Asimi. Daily earning is about 0.65 Asimi.

365 X 0.65 = 237.25

This calculation is based on today Asimi price and earning. (May, 24.)

That means you cant make any profit – you will have loss. At this price I dont recommend to buy Asimi stakes.


asimi stake example
Asimi stake price
Minting earning examples
Daily earning examples

Notice: Be aware that earning based on Asimi stakes (minting ads) may change in future. This is just warning that you need to be careful with stake purchases. I will not make any stake purchases because I cant make any profit – at this moment, as long as price is too low. (Asimi price)

However if Asimi price go up maybe things will be much different but it is a risk.

You can still use other Hashing Ad Space features without any risk.


Reading some reviews I have seen that some bloggers mentioned that HAS admin Luke Millard was promoting My Paying Ads in past. We all know that many people have lost significant money there. But true is that every online business brings some risk. Never put more than you can effort to lose. And always is good to be informed from several sources. Google have answers whatever you search.

I like idea to create a new cryptocurrency by viewing ads. (Asimi tokens) In short time period over 100k people have joined into Hashing Ad Space. Without any investments (this is not an investment scheme), even without any purchase members have opportunity to increase online income, use this advertising platform and receive signups and affiliate commissions in other online income programs they are promoting, especially in crypto related programs.

There is some risk because crypto market is unstable and prices goes up and down. In last few months BitCoin price has been increased from ~$3000 to almost $6000 at this moment. No one can know what will be in future.

On next screenshot you can see that Asimi price has been dropped about 10X times in last 2 months. What will be in future? It is hard to say, maybe will drop close to zero, but most likely that will increase and get back to some price point from the past. But risk is on you. I will continue with daily tasks as before and hope that price will get back.

Asimi price
Asimi price in last 2 months. Source:


HAS admin is very active, he works very hardly and he sends an email to all members regularly about Hashing Ad Space news and progress. Also you can check officially HAS youtube channel here.

Web traffic from advertising on Hashing Ad Space is good quality in compare with similar non-organic traffic sources. If you are interested how to get organic traffic from search engines such as Google my recommend is to read section about affiliate marketing here. (there is big chance that you will find my blog via search results) On this blog you can find some posts about blogging and some new posts will come in future.

If you want to try Hashing Ad Space advertising and crypto minting system you can join here or via banner below. Reminder that you will receive free advertising bonus on  signup: 2000 banner impressions.

Click to visit Hashing Ad Space

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