1. Hello Denzil and thank you for your comment. In general in any program without referring people is hard to earn. Something little is possible to earn through View2Earn (V2E). Also if admin is public and trusted no needs to be fear about some investment or buying some services on site. Inside this post you can see example for 1 Asimi stake earning. At this moment I use Hashing Ad Space for advertising too. It is very cheap and effective. Some my results you can find here. Most likely that you found my blog via search engines such as Google and about that I wrote section about affiliate marketing here and some posts about that. This is a long term program and I believe to this admin. Many people joined here and it is a large network for marketing, especially if you promote some crypto related business. More than 300.000 people already has joined into this network. Huge potential for advertisers.

  1. Hello sir, how many times per day do you visit or watch ads? Is there a maximum views per day? and how would you know if the total asimi collected in a span of weeks can be withdrawn? thank you sir

    1. Hello Lorenz and thank you for your comment. There is maximum limit – 50 ads per day. You can earn more if you refer people and if you can afford to buy Asimi stakes(s) – in this case you will access to premium ads with much better Asimi price/view (as you can see from my own screenshot). If you are interested to make more money without needs to refer people you can read my post about mini jobs and web app testing HERE.


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