How to blog in 2018.?

How to blog in 2018.?

In this post I will give you some advices about how to blog in 2018.

Blog setup

First you need to choose the best hosting solution for you. If you are serious about blogging then I suggest you to escape cheap hosting and my recommend is Wealthy Affiliate where you receive not only hosting, there is a lot of features such as: double host, daily backups, botnet security, enterprise security, sitehealth, SSL certificates etc and full admin and community real-time support includes many lessons with video tutorials.

Next thing is to do some basic settings and to choose wordpress theme. Tutorials about that are inside Wealthy Affiliate. Be aware: theme is a very important – strongly recommend to choose good and fast theme, if you will change theme later – that may be reason to receive less traffic from Google. (my experience)


start posting

Start posting

For good position on Google is important to post regularly (weekly is recommended, but if you can more often that would be great), good and unique content – SiteContent feature inside Wealthy Affiliate will help you a lot and the most important tool is keywords researcher – I am using Jaaxy – Wealthy Affiliate tool. Keywords research process I have described on this page including screenshots and video. It is very important to avoid big competition – results are amazing.


SEO tips in 2018.


The most important thing is to put keywords – phrase in post and SEO title. Be sure that your content is unique, not too short. Next thing are images: be very careful – do not download images from other sites – use your own images or some services such as Pixabay. For images enter: title, alternative text, caption and title attribute. Images will help you to get more visitors from Google. For SEO is good to insert youtube video and share post on Google Plus social network. Share your post on Facebook too to get more likes and shares. Every comment will improve your blog ranking. Next thing are tags: my recommend is to add 5-6 tags per post: some secondary keywords, phrases. All these things will multiply traffic to your blog. I have described this in my last post.


Google Analytics, Google Search Console

It is very important to follow steps from Wealthy Affiliate tutorials (or some others) and synchronize blog with these services. This include robots.txt file and sitemaps – for better indexing by search engines. On these services you will see how Google is ranking your blog and it is opportunity to improve your blog rank and change some things.



Visitor engagements, backlinks

It is very important to have comments from your visitors. You need to have good content for that, but also is good thing to place good comments on other blogs. My recommend is to setup wordpress account and make your unique avatar. You can add your blog link in profile and when other people click on your profile they will see link to your blog. You can also put your post links in comments but do not spam – put some good quality comment and link on the end. You will receive quality backlinks from Google if you will share posts on Google Plus social network. You can also use forums to get quality backlinks. (forums usually have very good position on Google)


Blog subscription

This is a great way to increase your traffic. You can see on right-hand side widgets area “Get new posts by email” subscription form. That means if you have interesting content for your readers, then they may enter email address to receive email about your new post every single time when you publish the new one. I am using this feature inside “Ultimate Social Media Icons” plugin. This plugin have cool feature such as social networks share popup when visitor scroll to the end of page or option to show up after for example 2 minutes.


Social networks, Youtube

Big recommend is to use social networks to get more engagements. Youtube is a very powerful and you can get a lot of visitors to your blog using videos. You can also use youtube channel to connect not just with your blog, you can connect channel with social networks such as Twitter (very popular today in 2018.). Recommend is to install social networks plugin into your blog to get direct likes and shares.

Inside Wealthy Affiliate there is option to get comments from other members and to get Google Plus followers – this is a great feature. You can also share your blog and social network links in your profile to get connected with WA members and increase traffic to your blog.


EU cookie law and GDPR-compliant blog

This is a very important and many bloggers dont have these features on their blogs.

Every blog should have a banner about cookie notification (you can add and other things). Visitors needs to be noticed about cookies. From May,25th (2018.) there is also obligation to have GDPR-compliant blog. That means every visitor have right to view and request deletion personal collected data by blogs. For that I have installed EU cookie and WP GDPR compliance plugins to be able receive requests from visitors and integrate comments adding additional checkbox with notice about using data. Visitors needs to agree with data processing when they want to place comments. With new wordpress feature it is possible to send these data to visitors.

comments GDPR compliant

wp gdpr compliance plugin
WP GDPR compliant plugin settings


In general I think that bloggers will not have a big problems because on most blogs there is no much collected personal data. This is more about webshops and some more complex websites. But it is better to have GDPR compliance blog to avoid potential big fines. Usually on blogs there is comment and contact form sections where with new rules needs to have additional checkbox – notice for visitors that blog will collect some data. It is recommends to setup Privacy Policy page where you will describe more info about privacy and cookies. Usually bloggers place all important links in footer but also is recommend to link Privacy Policy page from cookie banner (read more button).


blogging is long term work


This is a long term work but if you follow these steps you will have a big success. Good think here in Wealthy Affiliate is that you can search for help from other members who already have big success in blogging and affiliate marketing. You dont need to search on Youtube or Google because sometimes there is wrong information and could spent a lot of time until you find right information.


I hope that this information is useful for you. All blogging tools and tutorials you can find here.

If you have any questions, doubts or suggestions feel free to place a comment.



  1. One thing I’ve never been able to figure out is the use of RSS feeds. While I understand it’s a great way to give readers access to your content, I’ve never understood what good it is to have a feed that lists your recent updates when the readers are already on your site.

    These are some great blogging tips though, that I think any new bloggers will benefit from.

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