How to claim Evmos airdrop?

How to claim Evmos airdrop?

In this post I will explain how to claim Evmos airdrop. On the official Evmos blog you can find all details. Do not be confused because you will see the word Rektdrop instead airdrop. In this post I will not write about all technical details for this new blockchain because average reader could be very confused. I will just describe in short who can get this airdrop and how to do it based on my personal experience with Evmos airdrop. I have claimed this airdrop just few days ago and I want to share my experience with my blog readers.

How to claim Evmos airdrop?








Who can claim Evmos airdrop?

To be able to claim Evmos airdrop you need to do 4 simple tasks and for each of them you will get 25 % airdrop. But before you start with this you need to know about Evmos airdrop eligibility. This airdrop has been designed to reward active users of the Ethereum and Cosmos ecosystems. Snapshot was taken on November, 25. 2021. and airdrop has been enabled on April, 29. 2022. You should know that airdrops are time sensitive and maybe will end soon. That means if you find this information too late maybe you will not be able to get Evmos airdrop.

In my case reward was because of my activity on Uniswap decentralized exchange and AAve crypto lending platform. I have received 63 Evmos tokens: 56 on one Ethereum address as you can see on the screenshot and 7 on other Ethereum address. How much user can get depends about activities on DeFi platforms. At this moment airdrop that I received Evmos coins worth about $250 what is not some small amount and could be much more if Evmos token price will go up. But it is hard to say what will be, crypto is very volatile. Before you try to get this airdrop and check airdrop eligibility for you there is one important step: you need to prepare your MetaMask wallet for airdrop.

How to add Evmos network to MetaMask?

There are two options: to add manually or you can visit Chainlist, connect MetaMask and add Evmos network on easy way. If you choose to add a new network manually here is information that you need to enter:

Network name: Evmos


Chain ID: 9001

Currency symbol: EVMOS

Block Explorer URL:

In video below you can see how I added Evmos network using Chainlist and how it looks website for Evmos airdrop. After you are done with new network setup you need to choose Evmos network, choose your ETH account and visit website for airdrop – Evmos website for airdrop. Then you need to connect MetaMask wallet and you will see are you eligible for airdrop and how many tokens you can receive.


Tasks are very simple except the last one but I will explain how to do it. In this video is visible that I done 3 tasks. The last one is marked as Coming soon but after I do some research I found the way to claim 100 % Evmos  airdrop without needs to wait. The last one task that is a little bit complicated I presented how to do in my next video in real-time.

How to do tasks for Evmos airdrop?

The first 3 tasks are very simple. Average user can do it without needs to watch any tutorials. This is the first time that I voted. Just click on the task titled Vote on a Governance Proposal and pick one of available votes. After you have clicked on the vote you need to confirm submitting a transaction with MetaMask. It will cost you a very little amount. Notice: before you get any airdropped tokens you will already have some little amount to be able to do these simple tasks. I received 0.001 EVMOS before I finished any task for airdrop.

The next one is titled Stake your tokens. Just click and choose where you want to stake. My choice is: Golden Ratio staking. I staked 5 EVMOS and received another 25 % airdropped tokens.

The next simple task is to do some transaction titled Use the EVM. You can search for DeFi platform on the website but I can recommend you DeFi that I used. My recommend is Diffusion finance. Because this platform is new I choose to exchange from Evmos to wrapped token WEvmos.

diffusion finance exchange











To get 100 % airdrop there is one more task titled Execute an IBC transfer. Do not be confused about Coming soon mark. You can do it right now.

How to execute an IBC transfer?

Firstly you need to add Chrome extension Keplr. After you have added this extension/wallet, create a new account and change network to Sifchain. Then copy your deposit address.

keplr settings for ibc transfer










After you have copied deposit address you are ready to do an IBC transfer. Visit Disperze network and connect your MetaMask wallet. Send some little amount and follow instructions. Notice: I received failure message but transaction was finished successfully after 2 minutes. You can also watch next real-time video How to execute an IBC transfer.


Final words about How to claim Evmos airdrop?

I hope this information is useful for you. You should know that airdrops are time sensitive and in case you dont know information about some airdrop on time you will not be able to claim it. This is a good way to increase crypto portfolio. If you have any doubts, questions or suggestions feel free to place a comment. Also feel free to read my other posts especially about ways to protect your crypto with hardware wallet.

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