How to create a funnel for free?

How to create a funnel for free?

In this post I will explain how to create a funnel for free. You dont need to know how to code, without any programing skills you will be able to setup a nice looking funnel. Very often these forms are called a sales funnel – marketers use funnel to make sales. But you can also use funnel to get subscribers to your blog or website, build list and in future send an offer with some good online income opportunity, earn affiliate commissions, build a huge downline structure in MLM programs etc. Usually funnels are very expensive but in this post I will show you how to setup and create a funnel totally for free.

How to create a funnel for free?









In this tutorial I will show how to create a free funnel using free tools from LeadsLeap, a free list management service – SendSteed. More about LeadsLeap you can read here. At the end of the mentioned post is a join link to create a free LeadsLeap account. After you have created a LeadsLeap free account you are ready to create a funnel. There are some little differences between free and premium account ($19.90 monthly) but in general even as free member you will be able to have a nice looking and functional funnel.


How to start with funnel?

First step is to create and activate a list. Later you will use list to connect with popup form or landing page. I will show how to use the both. To be able to activate a list you need to enter some information: your name, an email address, your physical mailing address (because of anti-spam law) and at the end a special code which will be delivered to your email inbox. This is a basic setup (mandatory). However to run campaign successfully you need also to configure verification and welcome email.

Inside LeadsLeap on the left side search for “Marketing funnels” and click on the “My lists” option. Then you need to click on the “Add a new list” option. Next step is to give a name to your list and confirm with click on the “Add now” button.

my lists option sendsteed







How to add a new list sendsteed






After you have created a list the next mandatory step is to activate a newly added list. You need to enter information inside required fields: name, email address, physical mailing address, code (you will receive in email inbox after you  click on the request button), tick checkbox that you agree with rules and at the end click on the “Save & Activate” button.

list mandatory settings













And the last step is to configure verification and welcome email: press the button on the right side from the “Basic set up” button as you can see on the screenshot above. Optional is to configure email series: you can predefine emails that will be send by automation in predefined time intervals – you can choose how many days from signup these emails will be send.

Now you are ready to setup signup (opt-in) forms. Inside LeadsLeap and SendSteed there are 2 types: pop up and landing page. You can choose between predefined templates and which pop up type you want to use. I prefer an exit pop up: when visitor want to leave your website or blog pop up will be activated with some your special offer and this is a very effective in digital marketing. On this way we avoid to disturb a visitor while reading our content and at the end we offer some awesome offer to get visitor to our email list.


How to create an exit pop up?

After list has been created, next step is to create an opt-in form, in this case an exit pop up. Search for “My Opt-In Forms” on the left-hand side. Then you need to click the “Add a new campaign” button. After that you need to click the “Launch Editor” button to get into pop up settings screen. At the end click on the “Get Code” button to get a code which you need to paste inside website or blog. But before that you need to customize pop up on the pop up settings screen (pop up editor).

pop up campaign











pop up settings









Inside pop up editor first you need to choose or enter an email list ID. Then you need to choose a template (pop up design), type (an exit pop up in this example). Now you can edit by entering content – just click area on the pop up which you want to edit/change and on the right side the right option will be marked. Click on it and change the content. At the end you need to press the “Save” button on the top right. From the “My Opt-In forms” you can get a code by pressing the “Get Code” button. You need to paste this code inside blog or website. If you have a blog and want to trigger the pop up on every post then you need to paste inside side widget. If you want to trigger on some special post then you need to paste inside blog post content (at the end of the post).

How it looks you can see by visiting my already mentioned post LeadsLeap review. In this example I advertise safelist mailer – you can send an email to 7000+ members interested for online income opportunities and earn 80 % affiliate commissions in cryptocurrencies (without needs to have an email list and without autoresponder).

After visitor enter name and email address and made a verification – visitor will receive instructions how to join and use a safelist mailer in this case.

On the very similar way you can create a landing page which will triggered by clicking on the special link.


How to create a landing page?

It is very simple and similar as creating an exit pop up. First you need to click on the “My landing pages” option on the left hand-side. Then you need to set up a new campaign just like for a pop up exit. Next step is to get into landing page editor by pressing the “Launch editor” button.

landing page editor










Inside landing page editor first you need again to choose email list and template. Next step is to choose a background. After that you can edit content, change image, text, fields, signup button. Just mark your area and on the right side you will see where you need to click and change content. At the end save it and grab link to landing page on the “My landing pages” screen.

How it looks (my landing page example) you can check here.



Usually tools for email marketing will cost you between  $ 20-30 and some funnel software even a few hundred dollars monthly. For beginners this is a problem, people are sceptic and dont want to spend money before see how it works. Some email autoresponders will give you the first month free but in my opinion one month is too short time to get any serious results. Very often after few months you will see a results, this is not some get quick rich scheme. Email marketing is a long term and legit business. SendSteed list management service inside LeadsLeap is ideal for beginners but also a good solution for advanced users too. There is no limit how many subscribers you can have in list even as free member. However there is some little limits:

  • Free members: sending speed 100 emails per hour (Premium have sending speed 3000 emails per hour)
  • Free members: in 30 days period can send 10 emails to list (Premium members without these limits)
  • Free members: to inactive subscribers can send 1 email monthly (Premium members can send 2 emails monthly)
  • Email series: free members dont have this option while premium members are allowed to use it

As you can see even as a free member you can create a funnel and use it without any big restrictions. These small restrictions are not important in email marketing for average user. For $19.90 you can avoid these small restrictions but also receive additional web traffic to your offer, tools such as real tracker, cookie generator etc. More details you can find inside already mentioned my LeadsLeap review.

When you set up a funnel, very often a sales funnel you might face a problem: How to generate a good and quality web traffic to your offer: landing page, website or blog. I suggest to read my posts about blogging such as: How to get top positions in searches? and Affiliate marketing section. Very often advertising is very expensive and non-effective and blogging is a good solution. I use the best platform for affiliate marketing and this is a big reason why you can find my blog posts inside first Google search page.

I hope that you found very useful information about how to create a funnel for free in this post. If you have any doubts, questions or suggestions feel free to place a comment.


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