How to exchange crypto without registration and verification?

How to exchange crypto without registration and verification?

In this post I will write how to exchange crypto without registration and verification. On this way you can also buy some cryptocurrencies that not exist on the popular crypto exchange sites and without complicated registration process. I dont like idea that I need to register, verify and send my ID copies to every crypto exchange site and I was searching for solution to buy or exchange my crypto on the fast and easy way without registration and verification. I have found one very interesting platform, with very simple interface and in just 10-15 minutes you can exchange your crypto.


How to exchange crypto without registration and verification











How to start with crypto exchange?

First you need to buy if you dont already have some popular cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin etc. For that I recommend platforms such as Coinbase, LocalBitcoins, Coinmama. More information you can find inside my post How to start with Bitcoin here.

When you have some cryptocurrency you can exchange to another on the simple way via ChangeNow platform. You can do it by visiting ChangeNow website. It is very simple and fast. Registration is not required!


ChangeNow tutorial

In my example I was sent LiteCoin and received Cardano ADA. I faced with a problem when I wanted to buy Cardano ADA because it is not listed on the Coinbase. I was researching how to exchange some of my crypto to Cardano ADA and found review about ChangeNow platform and decide to try out how it works.

You need to choose which crypto you will send (in my case LTC) and which one you want to receive (in my case ADA).

Next step is to make a payment – in my case I was sent LTC to ChangeNow address. After short time I was notified that funds are received and exchange was in process. In about 10-15 minutes I received ADA into my wallet. I recommend you to watch my own video below.



Example 1 LTC > ADA

ChangeNow transactions finished notifications



Example 2 (updated) LTC > DOT


Crypto exchange to polkadot (DOT)



Is ChangeNow safe to use?

There is always a risk when you use exchange and trade sites. I was exchanged cryptocurrencies using this platform several times without any problems. I like idea that you dont need to create an account and without needs to verify with ID. There are some other platforms such as LocalBitcoins but inside ChangeNow is a huge list of supported crypocurrencies. I recommend to exchange smaller amounts. From my example – about $10-$100. You can exchange many times as you want. If I need to exchange for example $1000 in crypto I will repeat process about at least 10 times – I will not send $1000 in one exchange process.

ChangeNow is a legit crypto exchange site but you never know when might become a scam or some other problems. If something will change I will publish a new information but for now my opinion is: ChangeNow is safe to use. At the end it is your own risk and  I cant take any responsibility for any potential financial lose.

Crypto market in 2020. is very interesting and some cryptocurrencies such as Chainlink, ADA, Tezos and some others attract my attention but  problem is that still many cryptocurrencies is not easy to buy and not listed in popular exchanges such as Coinbase.

I hope that this post have useful information for you. If you have any questions, doubts or suggestions feel free to place a comment.

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