How to get leads for sales?

How to get leads for sales?

In this post i will write How to get leads for sales? First of all you need to choose good affiliate program or product, make nice looking ad and/or content (blog post, website). The best way is to write true reviews and get signups from organic traffic via search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. However I will also write about advertising, from my own experience and what you could expect. True buyers usually are coming from organic traffic but you can make some sales from advertising too.

How to get leads for sales?
Signups / sales email notifications

As you can see usually I receive email notifications about signups or sales every single day. Mostly this results I have from organic traffic to my blog but some of them are coming from advertising too.


Organic traffic

Organic traffic is the best web traffic solution but results will not come over night. Usually at least 6 months hard work, sometimes even more depends about your niche. But once you get high rank on search engines you will have totally passive online income. Suggestion is to post regularly to keep good position on search engines. Higher position on search engines – more visitors to your website or blog. However if you dont have time for regularly posting dont worry – most likely that you will have real organic visitors in next months and years.

Platform that I use – I have described on the section about affiliate marketing here and in some posts about blogging. In few words and shortly very important is to have web hosting with good quality (speed, uptime, customer support) and some tools such as keyword research tool. It is also important to have good content and results will come – you will have blog or website on the first page in Google search results just like me.

Proof that posts are ranked on the top positions in search engines you can check on the next video below, post update, July, 2. 2020.


Advertising solutions

There are many advertising solutions but very often are too expensive and non-effective. I tried some alternative advertising solutions, not so expensive and received some signups and sales. Of course results are not typical but most likely that you will have similar results. It depends what you promote: if you promote online income opportunities, traffic solutions and marketing tools than you can expect some results. If not then I suggest dont use advertising networks that I will mention in this post. If you are affiliate marketer and promote only some real physical products then the only one solution is too generate an organic traffic. You can start for free and create website or blog on this section inside my blog. Before I will share my experience with advertising networks that I use I will write about email marketing shortly.


Email marketing

Email marketing is very popular advertising solution because it is direct contact with potential buyers no matter what you promote. On this way you keep connection with your visitors – when they subscribe you are able to send emails to your visitors in future and generate more signups and sales. But there is one big problem: it takes time and money to build some serious email list – in my opinion it is a list with at least 100 subscribers. To be able to build your own email list you need 2 things: email autoresponder and traffic. You can advertise or use an organic traffic – I use both methods. There are many autoresponders but if you dont have your own email list yet and want to avoid monthly fees for email marketing I suggest free autoresponder inside LeadsLeap. With LeadsLeap autoresponder you will not be able to send emails to your list until you connect some paid autoresponder but you can start creating your own email list. Free autoresponder inside LeadsLeap have option to send only follow up messages to prospects via popup. Popup generator inside LeadsLeap is also free and very simple to use. You can see more info inside my review about LeadsLeap on this blog. Keep reading and I will write more about LeadsLeap – advertising network with great free tools.

Update: now you can send emails to your list via SendSteed – list management service integrated in LeadsLeap without needs to connect external paid email autoresponder service. (for free)

Enable your FREE autoresponder service HERE.

While I am building my own email list I use one interesting and alternative email marketing solution: Infinity Mailer Boost. If you join in this network you will be able to send emails (every single day) to over 7000 people interested to make money online especially in crypto and web traffic related business. It is cheap and effective: full story (with some advertising results) you can read here.


LeadsLeap network

In previous post I wrote about The best traffic exchange. In general my advice is to avoid traffic exchanges but LeadsLeap is my big recommend. It is not just high quality traffic exchange, it is also great place to get signups and sales, great free tools and way to get an organic traffic.

LeadsLeap members (including me) put ad widget on their blogs and websites and on that way ads are not visible only inside LeadsLeap website, ads are visible on many blogs and websites where visitors are coming on different ways, including via search engines such as Google, Bing..

With popup generator you can start building your own email list, send follow-up messages to your prospects and increase sales, with real tracker you can introduce visitors with your ad (teaser), track how long visitor stay on your ad, put ad bar (info and clickable link at the top of ad), insert popup created with popup generator (subscribe form).

And the best way to increase signups and sales from my experience is via LeadsLeap reviews. You can write your experience with some program or product and publish in section Social reviews. Reviews (with referral/affiliate link) will show up in Social reviews section inside LeadsLeap, in Featured Social Reviews section but also outside of LeadsLeap network: when people are searching for reviews LeadsLeap social reviews will show up in Google search page, usually in top 5 results, very often as first search result. And that is not all: when members advertise they own ad there is comment symbol for that ad and clicking on comment symbol visitor will see reviews. For more info about LeadsLeap features I recommend to read my review about LeadsLeap here.


Hashing Ad Space network

This is the largest advertising network: 200,000 people has joined in first year and now number is greater than 300,000. There are several advertising types for very popular price. At the same time members are creating new crypto token – Asimi by viewing ads and minting. This network is especially recommended if you want to promote crypto related program. With login ad advertising you have 10,000 views guaranteed but most likely few times more visitors for your ad. Hashing Ad Space full review you can read here, and my advertising examples with results you can read here.


Infinity Traffic Boost network

Very interesting program, especially for crypto related business with unique earning (affiliate) system. Earning is in crypto currency and no matter how much Bitcoin worth in dollars at the moment you will receive commissions in BTC. Affiliate commissions are up to 80 %. Advertising is cheap, starts with just $2, members are receiving shares in crypto for surfing ads. You can buy advertising credits even cheaper (or sell) via online auctions inside Infinity Traffic Boost – more info inside my post here. There is also great Pay Per Click banner ads feature. Full story is here (my first blog post). Post was published in 2017., with some updates and yes program still pays instant affiliate commissions in crypto.


Free viral traffic generator

And the last one recommend is totally free advertising system: no needs to pay anything and no needs to earn credits by surfing ads. You just need to mask your links (ads) with Auto Traffic Magnet link and you will earn banner impressions in ATM network. Your ad will be the same , only difference is banner at the bottom of your ad  (15 seconds duration). There is also feature to email your downlines in several levels and great way to increase signups and sales. How it looks you can check inside my post – Free Viral Traffic Generator tutorial with examples here.


Conclusion about How to get leads for sales?

These ways to generate web traffic to my blog and ads has increased my online income: signups and sales. The best way is to generate an organic traffic, but these advertising solutions brings me some earning too. Important thing is that mentioned advertising solutions are very cheap and effective with good affiliate programs. Results are not typical but most likely that you will have similar results or even better. The most important tip is to advertise new program with public and trusted admin in early time. How time is going it is harder to build downline. For physical products advertising solutions mentioned here in this post most likely will not work – in this case the best solution is to work how to get an organic traffic. I recommend to read my post How to start with blogging here.

I hope that you read useful information in this post. In future posts i will share information how I reach top positions in search results (on first search page such as Google) for posts & reviews such as Hashing Ad Space, Cryptosurf, Free Viral Traffic Generator…

If you want to receive notifications about new blog posts via email you can subscribe via form on the top right. For any questions or doubts feel free to place a comment.




    1. Thank you for your comment but I dont allow referral links: I removed referral link. I have seen landing page about LeadsLeap Profits recently. LeadsLeap in general may increase online income but there is no guarantee, especially on daily basis. I am PRO member at LeadsLeap and this network increase my online income but it is important to follow some tips. All information about LeadsLeap is visible inside my LeadsLeap inside review blog post here. Also I presented some advertising tips inside post The best traffic exchange here.


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