How to get paid website traffic?

How to get paid website traffic?

In this post I will write about how to get paid website traffic.

To be more specific, I will explain how to get the cheapest paid traffic for your website.

My recommend is to get cheap advertising packages at online auctions on Infinity traffic boost.

How to get paid website traffic?
Advertising credits – online auctions

Advertising credits you can get for a very small price, depends about other bidders activity.

I will show you how I got advertising credits for a very small price on 2 auctions.


How to start?

You can register here if you dont have an ITB account yet.

How to bid for advertising credits
How to bid?


Advertising credits you can spend on 3 different ways:

  • 24 hours unique website / blog visitors 15 seconds minimal duration (1 credit per visitor will be spent, there is no limit how long visitor can stay on your website / blog)
  • banner ad pay per click unlimited impressions (10 credits per click will be spent)
  • text ad pay per click unlimited impressions (10 credits per click will be spent)


Example 1: 2000 credits for BTC 0.00006 (or 6000 satoshi) ~ $0.53

If you dont know what is BTC you can read here.


infinity traffic boost auction example
Auction win example 1



Example 2: 1200 credits for BTC 0.00001 (or 1000 satoshi) ~ $0.09


Auction win example 2



You can see that is a really great price.

On next image you can see regular prices. ( still much better in compare with similar sites )


infinity traffic boost advertising packages prices
Advertising packages prices


You can buy advertising packages or you can surf and get daily shares in BTC for free.

With earned amount you can buy advertising or bid on auctions. If you win on auction you will get advertising credits, if not amount will be returned to your account.

You can also sell your advertising credits.

There is great affiliate program (affiliate commission up to 80 %) and opportunity to get some free BitCoins via daily shares.


You can join here.

Full ITB review you can read here.

Final words about How to get paid website traffic?

As you can see you can get cheap advertising and earn Bitcoins for free. Advertising results are good in compare with similar advertising solutions. I hope this information is useful for you.

If you have any questions or doubts feel free to ask via comments.


    1. Hello Billy and thank you for nice comment. ITB is a very interesting site with great advertising solutions. Online auctions is something new here and I like it very much. You can also check full review link – post about ITB.


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