How to get top positions in searches?

How to get top positions in searches?

In this post I will try to explain you How to get top positions in searches. Of course it is about search results that shows on the websites such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. You probably many times tried to find some information online – something related to: your job, school, relationship, car, computer, mobile phone, food, pet, clothes, how to make money online or something else. Inside website, where are you search for some information, there is a web application which will filter information and list websites as search results related to your search. I will try to explain you how it works. This is very important because on this way many people earn money online, on legit way.


How to get top positions in searches?








How to get real visitors to your offer?

No matter what you promote the most important is to get real visitors, people really interested for your offer. You can try with advertising but very often is not effective and very expensive. Sometimes advertising make sense if you promote offer with big affiliate commission. There are also some alternative advertising solutions, some of them you can find on this blog such as LeadsLeap.

Advertising networks track visitors and use their activities to help advertisers to get visitors interested for their offers. One simple example: try to search something, for example laptops with long battery life. You will see at the top in search results ads related to your search. Also if you use Facebook most likely that ads about laptops with long battery life will be visible.

Other way to promote some offer is to get real visitors but without needs to pay advertising. This is not easy, you cant expect results over night but for affiliate marketers very often is the better way. Affiliate marketer earn a commission when recommend some product. For physical products affiliate commission is usually less than 10 %, very often even less than 5 %. This is reason why paid advertising very often is not a good solution for affiliate marketers. Affiliate commission for digital products usually is much higher: 30-50 % sometimes even more. If affiliate marketer promote digital product then paid advertising could be a good solution.

Big companies and stores very often use paid advertising. Because at the same time they promote many products and when sale is generated income is much higher in compare with affiliate marketers. Difference between expenses and sale price for some product is much higher in compare with affiliate commission.

In this post my focus will be how affiliate marketer, an ordinary person can earn affiliate commissions and have significant online income on legit way. How does it work? Answer is simple: affiliate marketers are writing product reviews – posts on blogs to get real organic visitors and earn affiliate commissions. It is important to write relevant and useful information about product which will lead readers to buy it via affiliate link posted inside product review post on blog or website.


Does blogging still work in 2020.?

Yes it works but only if you follow some important steps. Results will not come over night, usually at least 6 months hard work, sometimes even more depends about competition in your niche. The most important is to avoid big competition and for that you can use keyword research tool and some other tips and tricks.

No matter if you promote digital or physical products you need to have reviews with good content, post regularly, choose keywords with low competition, use tags (as alternative keywords), use sitemaps, use description meta tags (related to your content), choose good wordpress theme (if you use wordpress as blogging platform), choose good hosting provider with fast host, best high uptime, provider with good support and some other things.

Rich content is the most important thing. You need to work, write good reviews and you dont need to worry about results. There are blogging platforms which will help you to have success with blogging even if you dont have skill to code.

I dont have time to write reviews and post regularly but still I have good results and some posts are on the first page in search results. Proof that blogging still works you can see in next video. In these examples I promote some sites which offer cheap and alternative good advertising solutions for marketers that promote online income opportunities (these advertising solutions are not good choice for physical products).

You can see that my reviews have high Google rank as I presented in video below but you can also check out manually some of my posts such as:

You can see that (my blog web address) will show up as a result usually on the first Google search page. (very often in first 5 results)



The best blogging platform

About blogging platform that I use you can read inside several posts and Affiliate marketing section. You can search for Wealthy Affiliate reviews and find positive and negative reviews. But I know that advice from community inside Wealthy Affiliate really works. The most important is that you will have all you need for affiliate marketing on one place: you dont need to search how to solve some problem on Youtube, visit different websites or blogs, waste hours and hours and on the end you will not be sure did you found right solution.

You can use this platform on different ways:

  • writing reviews about  physical products (as Amazon affiliate for example)
  • writing reviews about online income scam programs, warn people and at the same time promote Wealthy Affiliate
  • writing reviews about legit programs and on that way earn affiliate commissions from these programs
  • writing reviews and test web tools that every marketer needs such as: email autoresponder, website builder, splash page builder, SEO tools, antivirus programs, hosting, blogging platforms, advertising networks etc

In general there are many ways to earn affiliate commissions. No matter what you will choose good content is the key to success.

From my own experience here are some tips:

  • for reviews try to have at least 2000 words in post
  • with Jaaxy keyword research tool try to find keyword with low competition, usually number of competition site should be not more than 20-30 sites but it depends about niche
  • optimize images – reduce file size (should be less than 100 kb)
  • choose some fast wordpress theme
  • do not place ads in main content area – use sidebar area
  • exchange comments with other WA members
  • open Youtube channel, use the same keywords in video and blog posts
  • use social media, connect with other WA members
  • optimize your posts for social media
  • use tags as alternative keywords
  • use sitemaps
  • post regularly and update your old posts with relevant information

These things helps me to have a good position in search engines. The most important is to have a unique content, do note copy others. You dont need to know how to code, interface is user friendly and 95% of your work is to write. Support is great and very fast. If sometimes is required to code something on the website/blog support will do this for you.

All tutorials are inside the platform but if you have any questions just ask and someone will help you with advice because here are many successful people in affiliate marketing. You can try it for free. More information and join link you can find inside affiliate marketing section HERE. (you can also try keyword research tool for free)

Hope that this post is useful for you. If you have any questions or doubts feel free to place a comment.

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