How to trade crypto anonymously without KYC?

How to trade crypto anonymously without KYC?

In this post I will show you how to trade crypto anonymously without KYC. In general there are many problems with crypto exchange platforms. When cryptocurrency prices dramatically goes up or down very often crypto exchanges are down and you are not able to make a trade. On this way you lose a lot of money. Problem is also complicated verification process and it is hard to find crypto exchange platform where you will able to trade with all cryptocurrencies. On this way you need to use a several crypto exchange platforms and send your ID copies on many places what is not such a good idea because most of people are involved in crypto because of anonymously. Keep reading and I will show you how to keep your anonymously while you are trading cryptocurrencies.

How to trade crypto anonymously without KYC









How to avoid big crypto exchange platforms?

To avoid big crypto exchange platforms and problems with them while you are trading cryptocurrencies you need to use some alternative methods. You can choose some small crypto exchange platforms such as COINUT crypto trade platform what I described inside Crypto trade section on this blog. Problem is that without KYC you will be able to trade some small crypto volume monthly (in this case $500).

To be able to trade largest volume and without limits, without KYC and any other personal data, even without any registration I will present you 2 methods that I use:

  1. Crypto swap inside Ledger live (you need to have a Ledger hardware wallet)
  2. Crypto exchange service ChangeNow 


Crypto swap inside Ledger live

The safest way to use crypto is to have a hardware wallet. Today there are many crypto wallets but problem is security. From time to time security holes show up inside code and hackers stole big amounts in crypto from users. To avoid this big problem hardware wallet is a only one solution because every transaction depends not just from action inside wallet application – user also need to confirm action via physical buttons on hardware wallet. That means even if you use a hacked wallet application crypto will not be stolen. On hardware wallet display you will see amount and crypto address where crypto asset will be sent. Of course you need to be careful and check this information to keep your crypto asset safe. If address has been changed because of hacked wallet you can simply reject sending with physical buttons (in this case address will be different). If you dont have a hardware wallet yet I recommend to read post How to use a hardware wallet with information how and where to buy it, how to setup and use it on the safe way. Inside mentioned post is also download link from official Ledger website.

Ledger live is an official application from Ledger, interface – crypto wallet for your crypto assets. You can send, receive, buy, exchange crypto on the safe way. All action you will do inside this application. On this way you dont need to have any worries that you maybe will made some mistake with addresses. Also using this method you can avoid big loss – you dont need to keep crypto inside crypto trade platforms and risk to be hacked. Your crypto assets will stay secured with hardware wallet all the time. How it works you can see inside next video. All you need is to have crypto asset for exchange and Exchange application installed on your Ledger hardware wallet.



The process is very simple and everything is happening inside Ledger Live. However Ledger is in cooperation with crypto exchanges but you as end user dont need to make any registration or visit crypto exchanges. You just need to follow these important steps and copy swap id in case any potential problems. I already made several exchanges without any problems.


Ledger swap id










Ledger swap transactions









In this example I was trade LTC to ZEC. Fee was about $7 but because very soon after transaction finished ZEC price has been increased – you can see that I already have a profit. But this is possible only if you take action fast. Because of that I like Ledger swap transactions – they are fast and easy to made.

I like this method because when price fast go down I can convert crypto, for example BitCoin into some stable coin such as USDC and on this way avoid big loss. Only problem is that all cryptocurrencies are not supported, especially cryptocurrencies which are not supported directly inside Ledger live such as Monero, Cadano, Polkadot etc.

To be able to trade and exchange for these crypto assets I suggest to use next method, using trusted ChangeNow service.

Crypto exchange service ChangeNow 

In case that you dont have a hardware wallet or crypto assets you want to exchange or trade are not available inside Ledger live, ChangeNow is an ideal solution. Without needs to make a registration, verification or KYC, without any limits you can make a crypto trade. Many cryptocurrencies are supported. I have never found some that is not supported here. Trade will be made instantly and whole exchange process will  be made in less than 10 minutes. Full tutorial including video you can read inside my post How to exchange crypto without registration and verification. However I will repeat some things in this post too.

Process is very simple: visit ChangeNow website or form on the top right on this blog, enter crypto and amount you want to exchange, crypto you want to receive and click on the exchange button. Then you will be asked to enter receive address. After that you need to send crypto to provided address and in about 5-10 minutes you will receive exchanged crypto to your address. Very simple, fast and easy.

How to exchange crypto without registration and verification











As you can see from image above on Trustpilot this service have a great feedback. I already used this service several times for exchange to some crypto that is not supported on popular exchanges such as Coinbase.

I use this service to get some popular crypto assets such as Polkadot and Cardano but you can find many others, list is very long.


Changenow cryptocurrency list












Crypto exchange to polkadot (DOT)




These 2 methods I use regularly to exchange and trade cryptocurrencies. I dont like to send my ID copies to many places. I only sent to Coinbase because of Coinbase Earn program where I  earned more than $200 in different crypto just for watching short tutorials and answering on simple questions. About this and some other ways to earn free crypto you can read inside FREE CRYPTO section on this blog. Because crypto is on fire at the end of 2020. and in beginning of 2021. it is very important sometimes to take fast action, trade it and make a huge profit. I suggest to use a hardware wallet and services like ChangeNow to keep your anonymously and privacy. Always be careful when make transaction, trades and exchanges. I cant take any responsibility for any potential financial loss but I always recommend services that I use.

If you have any questions, doubts or suggestions feel free to place a comment.


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