How to work from home jobs?

How to work from home jobs?

In this post I will write about How to work from home jobs. To be more specific I will write about online jobs from home. Some of these types of jobs is combination offline and online work. Very often on social networks you can find many offers with big promises, quick rich schemes, easy work from home, passive income for doing nothing etc… Most of them are scams or you will have some online income but not as promised. In this post I will share my own experience, tips how to avoid scams and recognize legit work from home opportunities.

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Work from home benefits

You can work online from home for your company, but you can also have your own job without any boss. Also is very popular to work as freelancer for platforms such as: Upwork, 99designs, People Per Hour,, Airtasker etc. There are also some platforms where you can do some mini jobs – you dont need to have some advanced skills as for mentioned platforms. These mini jobs are: data entry, web sites and application testing, to search something on Google and some other simple jobs. There are many platforms but I will write only about mini jobs from my own experience. Continue reading and I will describe my experience with Figure Eight (ex CrowdFlower) platform and how I became web and mobile app tester for several companies. (as freelancer)

Big difference between freelance platforms and Figure Eight mini jobs is that you dont need to create gigs (your offer to work). Sometimes you need to wait days and weeks to get opportunity to work (on freelance platforms). Fiverr is exception because there are many simple jobs (in compare with other freelance platforms) that starts from $5 to higher amounts depends about skills that is required and working hours. You also need to create gigs but there are many simple jobs without needs to have some advanced skills.

In general with mini jobs you can earn about few hundred dollars per month. It is not a big money but it depends where do you live. In some countries people work hardly for that money and it is a reason why work from home is very popular. If you have some special skills you can earn even more than $1000 per month (on freelance platforms mentioned above). In this post I will also share information how you can earn from home on some other ways too. (passive income – opportunities to earn even while you sleep)

Work from home is very popular especially in crisis – these days when Corona virus COVID-19 totally change our lives. I lost my high paying job in Germany (an electrician) and now I am unemployed. Good thing that I have backup: this blog for affiliate marketing (I receive affiliate commissions regularly, passive income) and an active account with good standing in some freelance platforms. When I had my job online income was just a hobby but now is my primary income. You need to be careful because there are many scams.


Figure Eight mini jobs (ySense)

While I was a student my colleague recommend me Clixsense GPT & PTC website for online income (Get Paid To & Paid To Click). In beginning I was very sceptical about ways to earn some money online. In PTC section was very little earning just a few cents per day – you just need to click and view short ads. For me very interesting because on TV, popular websites, Youtube – you will not be paid for watching ads. Today Clixsense have a new name – ySense and PTC section not exist anymore. GPT section was a little complicated. Mini jobs (tasks) section required to sign up (create an account) into CrowdFlower platform. Now it is a platform with new name: Figure Eight but mini jobs are the same or very similar. On this way average mini jobs worker could earn $5-10 daily. It is possible to earn even more but it depends about language and some other skills. Top workers have 2000-3000 mini jobs monthly and they earn between $500-1500. There are also surveys with average earning $1-3 per survey but it depends where are you located, some of top paying countries are: United States, Australia, Germany, Chile, Mexico, Malaysia, Israel, United Kingdom, South Africa… Full list you can check on website.

ySense mini jobs
Mini Jobs













There is bonus: for every $50 earned – $5 extra. Some information including video and how much I earn daily you can check inside Free home jobs online post HERE.

You can recommend to friends and earn some extra money (they will earn the same amount). You can register account via next banner.

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Cashout options are: PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer and Amazon gift cards. Minimum cashout is $5.05 if you use Skrill and $10 if you use PayPal.


Web and mobile app testing

Today there are many websites and applications. For clients (companies) is very important to be ensure that everything works perfect without any bugs. Unfortunately sometimes bugs show up and apps not working properly. Some big companies have employed testers but very often use other platforms for testing. Test scenario usually require human manual testing in combination with automation. To be ensure that app will work properly and if there is some bug – it is important that app is tested by different testers and at the end the best results come when system compare testing results. In some tests tester just need to compare what it looks better – to compare different designs and layouts without needs to find bugs. Sometimes number of testers is 10, 50, 100 or even a few hundred. In some special cases 1000+. Now imagine expenses to have so much employees?

If you want to become manual web app tester you can try to search on web for platforms that accept new testers. But I will share some information from my own experience – I work as freelancer on platforms mentioned below. Maybe these platforms accept new testers at this moment when you read this post but you can check on their websites:

Notice: links above are homepage links to websites – not affiliate links. These and similar platforms dont have an affiliate program. Also you need to be careful because on the web you can find many offers where you will be asked for money to become freelancer / web app tester. You need to check these offers but from my own experience including platforms mentioned above – you dont need to pay anything for work.

To be ready for testing you may need to provide your personal data, sign contract, watch tutorials, do training tests. It depends about platform. Web app testing is more complicated in compare with Figure Eight mini jobs but payouts are higher. How much you can earn is hard to say – it depends about your skills, how often you properly doing tests, your availability, how many bugs you find. From time to time reviewers check tests and give positive or negative feedback for testers which have high impact for work in future. Usually payment processor is PayPal.

Rainforest testing interface
Testing interface android example (Rainforest QA)


Affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing? In short: when you recommend someone to buy some product or pay for some services – you will get paid. Usually it is from 5-10 % what buyer pay but can be much more or even less. Important: buyer will not pay more if use recommend: price is the same no matter if use recommend or not.

For example: you want to buy notebook on Amazon but you have found interesting review about notebook you want to buy with all important information. After you read review at the bottom there is a link which will lead reader direct to Amazon webshop article. On this way writer will earn affiliate commission from Amazon.

Seems interesting to you? Keep reading and you will find more details about affiliate marketing and how you can increase your online income on this way.

Affiliate marketing pros and cons

Affiliate marketing is a long term business and you cant expect results over night. It is totally different work in compare with mini jobs and web app testing. In start you will not get paid but later most likely that you will be paid even if you dont work anymore, sometimes even while you sleep. We can also say that affiliate marketing is passive income. The biggest problem in affiliate marketing – there is no guarantee how much you will earn and how long does it take. Beginning is hard but there are many reasons why affiliate marketing is a very popular: long term legit business, people work what they like (hobby), work from home, small investments, passive income, you are your own boss, independent business (you can work as affiliate for different companies).

How to start with affiliate marketing?

Every business require some investments. In affiliate marketing usually investments are small in compare with other businesses but it depends about what you will promote and how you will promote.

Ways to promote:

  • Youtube
  • Website / blog
  • Social networks
  • Online advertising
  • Email marketing

Every company have rules – affiliate agreements and terms of service and you need to read it very carefully. Mostly is required to have a website or blog with your own domain. You will need to follow some rules and add important pages on your website: privacy policy, affiliate disclosure, cookie notification banner etc. Using social networks, youtube, email marketing and other ways may increase your income but having a website is mostly mandatory. Sometimes you can doing affiliate marketing without website but it depends what you promote. Big companies require to have a website / blog.

To have a website and own domain will cost you but not too much. You can choose between different hosting companies but if you dont have some IT skills and if you are just a beginner my advice is to join into some platform which will not give you only hosting – where you will have good support including education about affiliate marketing. Sometimes is required to code in website and if you dont know hot to do it you are in trouble. But good thing is that exist platform where you can be an affiliate marketer, have a website without needs to know how to code – support will do it for you.

Here is one example: few times I had an issue with this blog – because I dont know to code it is very hard situation for me but Wealthy Affiliate support fixed problem in just a few minutes.

Wealthy Affiliate support













Keep reading and in next section I will introduce you with Wealth affiliate and why this platform is the best solution for affiliate marketers.


Wealthy Affiliate the best platform for affiliate marketers

Wealth affiliate is the best platform for affiliate marketers because there you will have everything you need for your business – affiliate marketing. I already have section on this blog about affiliate marketing here but i will repeat some important things.

Inside Wealthy Affiliate you will have:

  • Space for your website (hosting + domain)
  • Easy website builder (WordPress installation is not required)
  • SitePlus+ ( SiteSpeed, SiteProtect – Spam Blocker, SiteSSL – HTTPS )
  • SEO tools
  • Site feedback
  • Affiliate bootcamp – learning lessons (videos included)
  • Real-time support – online help
  • Big community – experienced affiliate marketers are ready to help you
  • Jaaxy keywords researcher
free blogging lessons
Free lessons















Wealthy affiliate is a great solution especially for beginners in affiliate marketing. To be successful in affiliate marketing you need to have two important things: website with real organic traffic from search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo…

Some affiliate marketers try to avoid this, paying too much for advertising and at the end – have more expenses than will receive from affiliate commissions. There are also some DONE FOR YOU systems on web but believe me – this doesnt work. They ask you for money, promising everything and at the end results will not come.

If you follow advice from Wealthy affiliate lessons and community results will come but you can not expect overnight results. It takes some time, at least few months, most likely 6 months. Probably you will find this blog post via search engines (Google example) and that is a proof how good is Wealthy affiliate because of course I use this platform to generate real organic web traffic.

If Wealthy Affiliate seems interesting to you you can join here or via banner below.




Final words about How to work from home jobs?

I hope that this post is useful for you. Work from home is very interesting but there are lots of scams with empty promises. Most of them will go offline and disappear in less than one year. Always the same promises, very often even from same owners: passive income for doing nothing, done for you, without any products – just give them money for some virtual position in system. (matrix, pyramid, ponzi). Please do not lose time for that crap programs. Every legit business must have some products, some work, public admins. Legit business you will also recognize how long is online. For example Wealthy Affiliate has founded in 2005., Clixsense in 2008. (now have a new name: ySense). And programs are still here. There are also some other interesting programs but about these programs I will write in some future posts. For any doubts or questions feel free to place a comment.

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