Infinity Traffic Boost review 2020.: ponzi scam or legit opportunity?

Infinity Traffic Boost review 2020.: ponzi scam or legit opportunity?

In this post I will write about Infinity Traffic Boost review 2020.: ponzi scam or legit opportunity? I use this program since 2017. and my first post on this blog is about this program. From time to time I publish some updates but now I want to share my experience with new review. All information that you will see is from my own experience and of course results are not typical. I use Infinity Traffic Boost product – web traffic to promote my blog and some cool programs. Be aware about fake Infinity Traffic Boost reviews where authors not share real information – they just wants to get traffic & visitors and promote some other “magical” program or web tools.

Infinity traffic boost review 2020.: ponzi scam or legit opportunity








Infinity Traffic Boost is a ponzi scam?

As mentioned you may see title above in some reviews. Is it a true? In my opinion it is not a ponzi scam. I will try to explain you why with some facts:

  • ponzi scams are programs without product (Infinity traffic boost have a product – web traffic)
  • ponzi usually last less than 6 months – this program is since 2017.
  • in ponzi systems you dont know who is behind the program – here we know who is behind – Clinton Clark & Frank Bauer
  • in ponzi systems members cant earn if they dont invest money – here you can earn even as free member

There is a big difference between investors and buyers: if you are investor you buy a position in system (ponzi), not a product. If you are buyer – you buy a product and that means even if you dont recruit new people in program you will have benefits using that program. However every online program have an affiliate component and on this way you can increase your online income. Problem is that many products are not so good and members try to scam people with bad products promising “magical” things but true is that only if you recruit new people (new buyers) you will have benefits – not by using product. Keep reading and I will show you benefits using Infinity Traffic Boost.


Web traffic as product

Advertising and web traffic in general is the biggest problem in online business. Very often is too expensive and non-effective. Have you tried Facebook ads for example? Well I did and to be honest without any significant results. Maybe I made mistake and didnt use it on right way but it depends what you promote. In my opinion only big marketers that promote rich affiliate programs, with big budgets can success with expensive advertising such as Google ads, Facebook ads and similar. But if you are smaller player and promote some cheap programs you have 2 options: find the way to get an organic traffic to your offer (real organic visitors from Google for example) or to use some alternative cheap advertising. About ways to get an organic traffic and real visitors I have some information inside posts about blogging and Affiliate marketing section on this blog.

If you promote some physical products (for example products from Amazon or Ebay) then best way is to work how to get an organic traffic because advertising is too expensive, and even if you use some cheap advertising that I mentioned on this blog including Infinity Traffic Boost traffic visitors from there in most cases will not buy anything – they are interested how to earn money online, not for spend money. But if you promise some good online income opportunities you could have success. That is reason why cheap advertising and web traffic from Infinity Traffic Boost and similar systems make sense: you can promote other programs, build your list, promote your own blog or website. It is good to have a blog or website because at the same time you promote different things – even if visitor is not interested for some program maybe some other post on your blog or section on your website will be more interesting.

I generate an organic traffic to my blog from search engines such as Google but also use some alternative web traffic solutions, advertising on cheap advertising networks such as : LeadsLeap, Cryptosurf, Infinity Mailer Boost etc. Reviews (including advertising results) about these networks you can find on this blog. Usually I have signups and/or sales every single day from organic and alternative web traffic solutions – that is reason why I recommend these programs including Infinity Traffic Boost.


How to earn with Infinity Traffic Boost?

There are several ways to earn with this program:

  • Infinity Traffic Boost advertising: promote your website/blog, other affiliate programs and online income opportunities, products – especially crypto related
  • earn boosted 80% affiliate commissions from direct referrals promoting Infinity Traffic Boost
  • pass up referral structure – unlimited earning
  • FREE opportunity to earn rewards in crypto for surfing ads
  • buy/sell advertising credits via online auctions
  • monthly and yearly referral contest – earn big rewards in advertising credits
  • PIF referrals feature (you can earn even if you are not able to recruit new members – new referrals)

As you can see there are different ways to increase online income using this program. Be aware about ads where you may see How to earn 2.74 BTC in 73 days. In theory it is possible but only for big leaders – if you are average person (just like me) who wants to make some money online without huge email list and followers it is hard to reach. But still you can make many benefits using this program and earn affiliate commissions in crypto (for example a few hundred dollars monthly). There is no guarantee how much you can earn – I just share my own experience. (you may earn less but maybe even more)


Infinity Traffic Boost advertising

On this way you cant earn from this program directly – this is not cashback system but you can benefit advertising other programs. To be able to advertise there are different ways:

  • buy TPO package
  • earn credits through traffic exchange feature
  • buy advertising credits through online auctions

The simplest way is to buy TPO: at the same time you will receive advertising credits and purchase boost activation (required for 80% affiliate commission). More details about boosted affiliate commission in the next section. You can choose different TPO depends how much credits do you need and if you are interested to earn affiliate commissions promoting this program.

You can also earn advertising credits by surfing ads but in this case you need to spend much time for some significant amount (0.5 credits per view). Advertising credits you can also buy via online auctions – more details inside section about online auctions below. Higher package you buy – smaller price per advertising credits you pay (CPM). Also how many ads you can advertise depends about traffic package option (TPO). In my case: I have TPO4 and I can advertise up to 8 ads. For payments and cashouts I recommend to use Litecoin because of small fees. Recommend to open Coinpayments account, more information is here.

You can also try text and banner ads PPC – pay per click (10 credits will be spent when visitor click on ad). Standard ads will cost you 1 credit per 15 seconds view duration. If visitor stay longer you will not be charged more.

Using this traffic you can promote different programs and build your email list. Here is just one example – prospects in my AIOP email list – the cheapest email autoresponder that I promote using web traffic from Infinity Traffic Boost.

aiop prospects
AIOP prospects received from advertising inside Infinity Traffic Boost network


Earn boosted 80% affiliate commissions

Boosted affiliate commissions









To earn boosted 80% affiliate commissions 2 things are required:

  • surf boost activated
  • purchase boost activated

In my example with TPO4 I can earn up to TPO5 affiliate commissions from my direct referrals if I have active traffic package AND if I have active surf boost. You are always eligible to earn commissions from one TPO higher. In TPO4 that means I need to surf 10 sites every 5 days (not every day like on revenue share sites). In this example 80% affiliate commission from sells up to BTC 0.004 (at this moment about $ 36.5). Also for every FREE referral that you refer (referral purchase is not required) you will earn 100 advertising credits. TPO4 will give you 60 days purchase boost duration. This is a big plus because as you can see there is no monthly fees. Higher package – higher purchase boost duration.


Pass up referral structure

Infinity Traffic Boost affiliate program details including pass up sale
Affiliate structure












Pass up referral structure is very interesting: the second sale from you goes to your sponsor, but on the same way the second sale from your referral goes to you. And the second sale from that pass up referral again goes to you – passups can go to infinite depth. Be aware that you lose just one second sale in every TPO. That means if you have 15 TPO1 sales, 8 TPO2 sales and 5 TPO3 sales: you will lose 1 TPO1 sale, 1 TPO2 sale and 1 TPO3 sale. Every other sale in these TPO (1,2 and 3) goes to you. In this example you keep 25 sales. But most importantly is that you have chance to get sales made from your referrals. Very interesting affiliate structure.


Earn rewards (shares) by surfing ads

On this way even as free member you can earn advertising credits and satoshis (Bitcoin small part, like cent is small part of dollar). In the edit site setting area at the top right you can choose between: surfing ads – 0.5 advertising credits for each surfed page OR receive surfer reward shares + 0.25 advertising credits for each surfed page. Usually 1 share is about 30-40 satoshis, for every 10 surfed pages you will receive 1 share. If you are FREE member you can surf 100 pages max (10 shares), if you have an active TPO you can surf more – in my case TPO4 will give max 18 shares plus shares from my referrals (2 shares per referral).


Buy/sell advertising credits via online auctions

infinity traffic boost auctions





As you can see via auctions you can buy advertising credits for smaller price. Also you can sell your advertising credits.


Referral contests

There are monthly and yearly referral contests.

Monthly referral contest prizes:

  • #1 place: 46,209 advertising credits worth BTC 0.008
  • #2 place: 21,192 advertising credits worth BTC 0.004
  • #3 place: 9,846 advertising credits worth BTC 0.002
  • All others: points will be converted into advertising credits. 101+ points is required.

Yearly referral contest prizes:

  • #1 place: 101,587 advertising credits worth BTC 0.016
  • #2 place: 46,209 advertising credits worth BTC 0.008
  • #3 place: 21,192 advertising credits worth BTC 0.004
  • All others: points will be converted into advertising credits. 404+ points is required.
infinity traffic boost prize notifications
Prize notifications








On image above you can see that I received cool prizes.


PIF referrals

This is very interesting feature if you are not able to recruit new people. Every affiliate program require referrals and most people fail and not able to recruit new people in affiliate program. You can buy TPO (I usually buy TPO1) to people without sponsor. If you have activated boosted 80% affiliate commissions – you will get back 80% for every TPO you buy to referrals without sponsor and those referrals will become yours. Be aware there is one exception: because of pass up referral program the second one will go to your sponsor, only that one referral. all others will become yours. Also for every referral that you receive on this way you will receive 100 ad credits and all referrals will count for referral contest. With this feature you can build your downline, receive additional ad credits, receive great prizes from referral contests. You can also send advertising credits to your referrals.


Payment / cashout options, security settings

Cashout options are: crypto payments (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin), ORU, Payeer, Uphold. On the section Financial => Earnings you can choose between these cashout options, to get paid later or use earnings to buy TPOs your way up. I use Litecoin option for cashouts. In this case you need to enter your Litecoin address to receive cashouts. (or other crypto if you use crypto cashouts, or some other method – provide required information)

On the Edit site settings (on the top right area) you need to choose do you want to receive instant cashouts or on demand once the available balance is BTC 0.0008 or more. You can setup limit for cashouts between 0.0008 and 0.0026. Higher limit – lowest fees. Cashouts goes through mentioned CoinPayments. However for cashouts you can choose to use any other wallet. (I use a hardware wallet)

For payment you can also use any other wallet but I use CoinPayments because this wallet is very trusted and many coins are supported.

For security you can choose between Google Authenticator or Email security PIN. Cashout option can be change only if you confirm with any of these two additional security options 2-FA. I use option to receive one time security PIN via email. Also I secured my email with 2-FA security too. About email and crypto security tips I have useful information inside my post here.


In video above you can see in real-time that cashouts are instant. In this case I have tested small amount cashout. (about $10)

I use a hardware wallet because it is the best protection for crypto assets. More information how to properly set up and where to buy it you can read inside my post here. Official application for Windows operating system that support Ledger Nano S hardware wallet is Ledger live – you can see in video above how it looks. Every transaction needs to be confirmed on hardware wallet device and no matter if you maybe have any viruses in operating system you are safe. More information you can also find on the official website here.

No matter if you choose limit for instant cashouts BTC 0.0008 or 0.0026 you can always go to Financial => Wallet and withdraw your funds manually once earning has passed BTC 0.008. Earning is in Bitcoin and will be converted in currency you choose. (in my case Litecoin)


Final verdict about Infinity Traffic Boost review 2020.: ponzi scam or legit opportunity?

No doubt, Infinity Traffic Boost is a legit system with a product: web traffic. I have received many signups and affiliate commissions thanks to this system presented in different posts. Feel free to read post How to get leads for sales where I mentioned all traffic sources that I use. Admins are public and they are not hide. Frank Bauer Infinity traffic boost co-founder is also co-founder in other sites such as – the cheapest hosting solution for small online business with monthly payments. To be successful I always recommend to use cheap advertising with good quality (stay away from junk web traffic). To be sure about traffic quality recommend to track your visitors with real tracker – free tool from LeadsLeap network. Also even better results you could have from organic traffic, real visitors received through search engines such as Google. Some information you can read inside my posts about blogging and affiliate marketing section. The best combination is too use these both traffic methods. In my first post about Infinity traffic Boost I wrote more in theory while in this new review more from my own experience with examples.

Good web traffic, trusted and public admins, instant boosted 80% affiliate commissions in crypto, pays since 2017. are pretty good reasons to say that is a legit system. If you are suspicious you can try with some small traffic package – it starts from low price BTC 0.00026 (about $2.4) to see does it work for you.

Seems interesting to you? You can create an account here and start with this interesting journey.


Have a question(s), any doubt(s) or suggestion(s)? Feel free to place a comment.

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