In this post I will write LeadsLeap inside review 2019. with all important tips. Also I have tested PRO membership and I will show what you can expect if you make decision to try it. LeadsLeap is online since 2008. and admin is a public person: Kenneth Koh.

In March, 2019. has been launched a new version – LeadsLeap 3.0 – What is new?

  • Navigation in the member area
  • Downline message format is more personal
  • Real Tracker: dedicated domain, teaser is now html enabled, popup insert feature, ad bar color change
  • Terminology changes: Daily earning – Daily active bonus, Weekly earning – PPC earnings
  • Ad viewer: Now you can see add info when you are viewing ad, “surfing in progress” label when you are surfing successfully – now you know if you are credited for surfing or not (if there is some issue)

LeadsLeap inside review 2019.

Why LeadsLeap is a unique traffic exchange network? First reason is that your ads will be seen not only to LeadsLeap members, ads will be seen by real organic visitors from Google, Bing search engines.

How is possible that?

There is TE Coop feature: members add PPC widget to their blogs or websites and on that way they earn when visitor click on ad inside LeadsLeap widget. Something like Google Adsense. The same thing is with ads presented in real tracker widget. You can check LeadsLeap ads on my blog on right hand side. On same way my ads will be seen on other websites. (6000+) Next very important feature is that members are credited for viewing ads every 5 seconds up to 3 minutes. That means your ad will not receive just few seconds visitors like on most TE sites. Also you will get Youtube views if you have video on your website or blog. This 2 features will increase rank on search engines.


How you can use LeadsLeap features to increase your online income?

  • Advertising on big network with 100k plus members (for FREE)
  • Extra exposure in PRO membership without needs to surf
  • Real organic visits from outside of LeadsLeap network
  • PPC earning (if you have blog or website) + earning from real tracker widget
  • Post Social Reviews
  • Real Tracker – track your visitors + add extra features to your ad
  • Popup Generator – build your list + send follow up message with LeadsLeap autoresponder (FREE)
  • Cookie Generator
  • OTO List Builder
  • Free referrals in PRO membership (Spillover S* level)
  • Affiliate commissions
  • Message your downline (followers) through 11 levels



It is very simple: members for viewing other member ad receive credits (every 5 seconds) and that credits use for advertising. Free members can advertise 3 free ads and PRO members 10 free ads + 10 PRO ads (no need to earn credits for PRO ads).

How to setup ad you can see on next screenshot.

LeadsLeap ad setup
Ad settings


Featured ads

On dashboard are placed Featured ads and social reviews. Also members receive daily email about 5-star ad. (one ad recommend per day). You can rate every ad and get extra credits for that. The best rated ads will rotate on dashboard. New launch ads are from PRO members if they promote program that has just launched.

LeadsLeap featured ads
Featured ads section

On next screenshot you can see that one of my PRO ads labeled “Quality Solo Ad System” is presented on featured ads section.

LeadsLeap pro ads
My PRO ads


Real Tracker

Real tracker is very important tool: you can add some cool features into your add and track your visitors. You can see statistics how long visitors stay on your ad. Here is one example – my ad about CryptoSurf site from Mark Doiser. You can see: teaser before ad is loaded (to introduce visitor about ad), ad bar – special offer located on the top (clickable link) and you can also add popup. About how to create popup with example I will explain later in post.

Ad example link:

LeadsLeap ad example
Ad example powered by LeadsLeap tools

In this example you can see few seconds teaser (if you open link above) and later as on screenshot: at the top clickable link – ad bar with my review about promoted site and on the right hand side Real Tracker widget where are also visible other members ads. On next screenshot you can see how are looking settings for Real Tracker link.

Real Tracker ad settings
Real Tracker link settings

With this special link you can advertise ad on other networks and when visitor click on Real Tracker link (inside widget) he/she will become your referral.


Post Social Reviews

Great way to increase signups and affiliate commissions in any program. It is very simple: write your review and your link will be in rotation in social reviews section in LeadsLeap. This section will get also real visitors from search engines. Affiliate link rotation ratio is: 1:5 for free members and 4:5 for PRO members. If you are PRO member, when you advertise review link no matter which link visitor will click (may click on some other member review join link) he/she will become your referral in that program.

LeadsLeap social reviews
Social reviews form


Popup Generator

This amazing tool is FREE for all members. Usually for this feature inside autoresponders you need to pay $20-30 monthly and here inside LeadsLeap you can have FREE autoresponder. (with some limits)

I have implemented one popup example into this post and when you want to close this page or type something in web address bar popup will be activated. When visitor enter name and email, follow up message will be sent automatically by LeadsLeap autoresponder. There are also some other options – visible on popup settings screenshot.

Popup settings
Popup interface

Before you start with building popup you need to add campaign and list on “My Popups” section inside “Popup Generator” area. In the “My list” section you need to enter follow up message and verify your email. Click on “Launch Creator” will open popup interface where you can choose design and settings. When you create campaign default popup widget will be created. Inside popup builder you need to load your list under opt-in form settings. When you finish with popup widget get code and paste it on your website or blog.

popup campaign
Add campaign and popup


PPC earnings

If you want more exposure to your ads – outside of LeadsLeap network you need to add widget to your blog or website. It is very simple – just go to “PPC widget” section and get your code. You can personalize how many ads and layout will be displayed. At the same time you may have extra earnings when visitor click on ad displayed on your blog or website. How ads are looking you can check on right hand side on my blog labeled “Promoted links by LeadsLeap”. With this feature your ads will be visible on many websites or blogs. (Not just to surfers like on other TE sites)


In my opinion LeadsLeap is the best TE site. Over 90% of my signups are coming from this network. Also Real Tracker is very powerful. It is very important that your ad have clickable link to blog or website with review. Visitors like that and this is great for increasing rank on search engines. Much better solution is that your website or blog receive visitors who will stay at least few minutes instead many hits from TE sites from visitors who will stay about 15 seconds only. That is really bad thing for your website or blog if you want to get high Google rank. True is that most traffic on TE sites is junk traffic, but here in LeadsLeap is much better quality which will increase your rank on search engines because visitors stays on ad much longer, some of them more than 5 minutes.


What you can expect in PRO membership?

I have tested PRO membership and I have very good results. Great thing is that I dont need to surf to get visitors to my ads. Especially when I have joined in some new program. There is special feature for PRO members only – New launch. Ads marked as New Launch will have much higher exposure. On next screenshot is again example for CryptoSurf program.

This is just one part in my CryptoSurf referral list:

Referral list
Referrals from Real Tracker link

I have already mentioned but I will repeat some PRO benefits:

  • free referrals
  • more exposure: 20 ads instead 3 ads
  • PRO ads: no needs to surf
  • 50 % affiliate commission instead 25 %
  • double PPC earnings
  • more exposure in real tracker widget
  • better rotation ratio for social reviews


Referral & affiliate program

LeadsLeap is online since 2008. and that means long term program. You can get 25/50 % affiliate commission for PRO upgrades from your direct referrals. But also when your referrals earn ad credits you will also receive commission in ad credits and that means more exposure to your ads or you can convert credits into cash. Very good feature is that you can post 1 special ad – message for your downline through 11 levels : 1-10 levels plus special S* (Spillover level). Spillover level referrals is gift from LeadsLeap for PRO members only.

LeadsLeap followers
LeadsLeap followers graph



LeadsLeap is a really amazing program and I highly recommend it for advertising. You can use it as FREE member or as PRO member. All tools are available in free membership too. Hope that I have described enough all important things. There are too many things and maybe I have missed something. Feel free to give suggestions, ask for any questions or doubts. On next screenshot you can see LeadsLeap interface and statistic for one of my PRO ads.

If will be request(s) I will add more content in this or some other posts about LeadsLeap.

LeadsLeap interface
Ad statistic


At the end I can say that LeadsLeap has increased real organic visits from search engines, but also I have received very quality traffic from LeadsLeap network. For real success the best combination is to use keywords researcher – amazing tool for blogging, SEO, organic traffic, affiliate marketing and advice from Wealthy Affiliate community described on this page + tools and traffic from LeadsLeap. (from my own experience) If you are interested for SEO optimized website or blog you can start website building for FREE here. (in just a few minutes)

If you are interested to join in LeadsLeap network – the great way to generate leads and increase signups and sales – you can do it here. (you can use it for free)

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