The best traffic exchange?

The best traffic exchange?

In this post I will write about the best traffic exchange. Also I will write some general things about web traffic exchange sites (very often and shortly just traffic exchange, without words “web” and “sites”), tips, how to use it, my experience with traffic exchanges and why you should avoid most of them. Web traffic received from traffic exchanges is not some high quality but you can expect some signups and affiliate commissions in programs and opportunities that you promote. Big results are coming from real organic traffic but it is a long term work, you can not expect results over night. Some basic things about organic traffic (real visitors from search engines such as Google, Bing etc) you can read inside section “Affiliate Marketing” here.

The best traffic exchange

General about traffic exchanges

Traffic exchange is place where members promote web sites, blogs, referral links, affiliate links for free. To be able to promote you need to have advertising credits. You can earn credits by surfing other members sites or you can buy it. Usually there are membership levels and when member made upgrade for every visit will receive more credits in compare with basic free membership. Upgraded membership usually give some additional features such as GEO advertising, more exposure, free referrals etc. Most of them have also banner and text ad advertising. Some of them promote links via emails too. Later in this post I will write about some sites that have traffic exchange feature but they are not classic traffic exchanges. (such as cashback advertising sites, low cost advertising networks)

In beginning I used traffic exchanges a lot but now I use just one traffic exchange with some great tools. But first I will write how to use traffic exchanges and some important tips.

How to use traffic exchanges?

You need to be a very careful if you use traffic exchanges: there are many viruses and people promote scam sites, ponzi & pyramid schemes, empty promises. When you see some interesting program I recommend to search for true reviews about that program and visit several websites or blogs to be sure that is legit.

My recommend is to buy computer or laptop with installed original operating system. You will be able to make regularly updates and in package is usually good antivirus program. In my case it is a Windows Defender and Windows 10 Home. My recommend is also to use Malwarebytes antivirus program. More information you can read and download antivirus program for free here.

No matter which operating system and antivirus program you use I recommend to use traffic exchanges in different browser. I use Comodo Dragon special Chrome version for surfing inside traffic exchanges and for personal use I use classic Chrome web browser. That means if I get infected from traffic exchanges my regularly used browser will still be clear.

How to promote?

You can use different ways to promote but my first recommend is to build website or blog where visitors will see all details about program you promote. Promoting just referral or affiliate link is not serious in my opinion. Also writing reviews you will receive organic traffic from search engines which is much effective in compare with traffic from traffic exchanges. Also visitor may check some other reviews – posts or sections inside blog or website. You can setup and start building website or blog in just few minutes for free here.

Also I recommend to use some link tracker and you will be able to see how long visitors stay on your ad. Good thing is to use some subscribers form if you have blog or website. There are some special tools with popup subscribers form even if you dont have website or blog. Real tracker and autoresponder (subscribers form) I use for free inside the best traffic exchange that I use. Keep reading and I will describe in details about that.

There are many traffic exchanges but I will mention just two which I used in past and then I will describe in all details what you will get inside LeadsLeap – in my opinion the best traffic exchange with some amazing free tools.

Notice: next 2 traffic exchanges are very popular and I dont recommend it but if you are beginner and need tools and massive traffic you can try it:

EasyHits4U – interesting traffic exchange since 2003., more than 1.5 million users, free tools: splash builder, rotator and interesting banner and text ads advertising.

TrafficAdBar – traffic exchange with easy surfing, most of members are from USA and Europe. You can get large number of visits if you make upgrade. Recommended for people who use some traffic multiply tools such as Auto Traffic Magnet. More about this special method I described inside post about Free Viral Traffic generator here.

Important: I received some signups from this traffic sources and methods but it depends what you promote. In general if you promote some new program you may have some success but if you promote some old program most likely that your results will not be so good.

Most of signups I received from LeadsLeap network and keep reading and I will describe why LeadLeap is the best traffic exchange network with some amazing tools.

LeadsLeap the best traffic exchange that I recommend

This is the ultimate advertising network and traffic exchange with great free tools. I have LeadsLeap inside review on this blog and you can read it here. However I will repeat some information.

What makes it different from other traffic exchanges?

The most important thing is that in compare with other traffic exchanges here you will get some amazing tools and real visitors. This traffic exchange is time based: visitor is rewarded every 5 seconds while surfing, up to 3 minutes. When you want to earn credits you dont need to click ever few seconds and visit different websites. You can stay on the same site and click or scroll with your mouse just few times during 3 minutes or play some video. This is very important because search engines will give higher ranking for websites or blogs advertised here.

Win-win combination for both – advertisers and surfers: Surfing is very easy, you can do some other things while you are surfing and search engines will improve rank for websites or blogs advertised here. (because visitor stay longer on site with some activities and search engines track this) Also if advertiser put some video and right information most likely that will receive much more signups and affiliate commissions. (including Youtube views)

Important tools and features inside LeadsLeap:

  • Real tracker
  • Social reviews
  • Popup generator
  • PPC widget


Real tracker is great tool because you can track your visitors and know which traffic source is the best for you. Also you can add popup inside ad (subscriber form), ad bar – special note with additional link for ad visitors, ad widget – inside will be other ads from LeadsLeap network and on that way you can earn additional credits, cash and signups.

Social reviews – from my experience the best way to get signups: you need to write review about some program and below your review inside LeadsLeap social reviews will be your affiliate link. When someone search for review inside LeadsLeap or via search app inside Google search page or similar on the first page results will be reviews from LeadsLeap. On this way I received many signups. Depends about your membership level your social review will be in rotation inside LeadsLeap featured social reviews section. If you are upgraded when you promote your social review link visitor will see also other members reviews and no matter which link he/she will use – will become your referral in that program.

LeadsLeap social reviews
My reviews inside LeadsLeap

Popup generator – with this tool you can start building your own email list without needs to pay any monthly fees. (free limited autoresponder) It takes time to build email list and there is no make sense to pay monthly fees. When your list will have enough subscribers you can connect with classic autoresponder. (in my opinion at least 100 subscribers) Also this feature include follow-up message without needs to connect with autoresponder and on this way most likely that you will increase number of signups and affiliate commissions. Every subscriber will receive special email automated by LeadsLeap when want to subscribe. I recommend to enter some important information about program that you promote. Popup you can insert inside any ad that you promote via real tracker. More info and how it looks you can see inside my LeadsLeap review on this blog. In this case popup will be triggered when you want to leave current window/tab.

PPC  widget – great tool to get real visitors. You can check on the right side on my blog and you will see ads from LeadsLeap network. On the same way your ad will be visible on other websites or blogs include this one. Website or blog owner will receive credits and cash when visitor click on that ad and advertiser will receive an organic real visitor. For example my blog receive every day organic real visitors from Google and ads from LeadsLeap are visible to real visitors.

More information you can read inside my LeadLeap review and after you join to this platform.

Conclusion about The best traffic exchange?

Once more I want to repeat that LeadLeap is the best traffic exchange in my opinion but I recommend to work how to get real organic visitors. I have some posts about blogging on this blog and section about affiliate marketing – recommend to read it. The best combination is to use both methods.

LeadsLeap has improved SEO for my blog, I have received many signups and affiliate commissions. Also I want to mention that I am premium member for $19.90 monthly because premium members receive traffic without needs to surf and more exposure for social reviews. The better solution is to spend time for blogging instead surfing. Very often surfing inside traffic exchanges is not effective and surfers are spending too much time.

Traffic exchanges you can also see inside some interesting platforms: cashback advertising platform such as CryptoSurf, the first BitCoin Traffic Exchange with cheap traffic packages and great 80 % affiliate commissions – Infinity Traffic Boost, email traffic exchange Infinity Mailer Boost. Mentioned platforms with links will redirect to my post reviews where I presented each program. I received some signups from advertising there too.

I hope that this information is useful for you. If you have any questions or doubts feel free to place a comment.

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